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網路研討會>10月13日 即時管理(輸水)管壁結垢和潛在的腐蝕 Manage Scaling and Corrosion Potential in Real Time
Manage Scaling and Corrosion Potential in Real Time  即時管理管壁結垢和潛在的腐蝕
Wed, Oct 13, 2021 10:00 AM CEST 
Hach understands the importance of safeguarding an already delicate in-plant and distribution system infrastructure. It requires the monitoring and management of alkalinity and hardness throughout the treatment process, to ensure corrosivity and scaling potential are well mitigated.
Exclusively, managing this process using grab samples and in lab LSI, leaves you vulnerable. You may be missing critical data which will allow you to take prompt action to maximise efficiency and control costs.
Duration 研討會時間長度
1 hour
Learning Objectives
  • Understand how to dispatch your lab and plant operators more effectively, allowing them to focus on the most critical aspects of your plant processes 可以了解如何更有效地進行實驗室與廠區操作人員的任務分派,因而更專注於廠區流程中的最關鍵作業
  • Be able to determine process optimisations and optimal chemical dosing ranges based on real-time data  能夠根據即時數據來優化過程以及化學品劑量的最佳使用範圍
  • Integrate strategies that produce the best quality product that fits both management and operator objectives and requirements  達到產出優質水產品同時符合管理和營運目標與策略
日期與時間 : Wed, October 13th, 2021 10:00 AM CEST(中歐時間) 台北時間10月13日(三)下午4:00pm~5:00pm
Presenters 主講者 :
Sjoerd van der Knoop
Global Product Application Manager 
Municipal Wastewater
Daniel Adeoye
Applications Development Manager
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