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網路研討會>6月24日 優化曝氣控制以確保廠區運作並節省能源 Optimisation of aeration control to secure the plant and save energy (英語發音)
Aeration represents up to 60% of the consumed electrical power on a wastewater treatment plant. Rising electricity costs and increasing regulatory constraints make it complex and expensive to operate biological treatment plants.
In the name of continuous improvement: how to maintain an effective tool while optimising operating costs? Through a 60-minutes webinar, Hach offers to help you initiate your wastewater treatment plant optimisation projects
Key Topics :
  • Reminder of BOD and total Nitrogen biological removal
  • Analytical solutions to monitor performance of biological treatment stages
  • Hach RTC solutions for aeration control: from theory to case studies
  • Q&A Session

This English webinar is free to join. Use this opportunity to share knowledge with minimal impact on your busy schedule. The presentation will be approximately 45 minutes, followed by a Q&A session.

曝氣佔廢水處理廠所消耗電能的60%。 電力成本的上漲和法規限制的增加讓生物處理廠的營運變得既複雜又昂貴。
基於持續改進:如何在將營運成本最佳化的同時也保持效率? 透過此60分鐘的網絡研討會,Hach公司將介紹如何協助您啟動廢水處理廠最佳化方案.
  • 提醒BOD和去除總氮
  • 監測生物處理階段效能的分析方案
  • Hach RTC曝氣控制方案:從理論到個案研究
  • 問與答
Title 研討會主題 : Optimisation of aeration control to secure the plant and save energy
Date 日期 : Wednesday, June 24, 2020 
Time 時間 : 11:00 AM Central European Summer Time (中歐夏令時間)
Duration 研討會長度 : 1 hour
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Speakers 主講者
Edwin Modicka
Business Development Manager
Marie Inizan
Application Development Manager, Municipal Wastewater
Philippe Pons
Application Development Manager, Municipal Wastewater