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Hach Flow Monitoring Selection Guide 水流量監測選擇方案指南
Hach Webinar 網路研討會 : Advanced Ammonia Removal Control in water industry 水工業之氨氮去除控制技術 (in English)
Learn more about advanced ammonia removal control in the water industry - watch our recorded webinar!
  • What control does the water industry use now and why?
  • Compliance risk associated with "conventional" control
  • How can compliance risk be reduced?
  • Common misconceptions of advanced control
  • Adding advanced comtrol to existing ASP's to reduce compliance risk
  • Take away points
Duration: 21 minutes.
The webinar was held November 3rd, 2015 by Mr. Stuart Ainsworth, Hach Application Development Manager.
點進右側連結即可觀看 Watch the recorded webinar here !