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水中化學需氧量試劑 Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) TNTplus Vial Test, LR (3-150 mg/L COD), 25 Tests
Recommended COD test for wastewater effluent.

The Chemical Oxygen Demand analysis provides important information for the water treatment process and is essential to calculate the BOD COD ratio in wastewater. Due to this, the COD is one of the most frequently analyzed wastewater parameters globally.

Why should you use Hach TNTplus® COD tests?
Hach TNTplus COD vial test reagents are incredibly simple to use and cut down significantly on waste generation compared to other COD test kits. TNT821 is based on Hach Method 8000 for virtually any type of water sample.

Method 8000 is USEPA approved for wastewater analysis under 40 CFR 136.3 and based on Standard Methods 5220 D.

Chemical Oxygen Demand - Expert Low Range COD test made simple.

Why should you use Hach TNTplus® COD tests?
Hach TNTplus COD vial tests are available in multiple ranges. TNT821 provides a result in the Low Range of 3 - 150 mg/L COD and is often used for Chemical Oxygen Demand measurement in wastewater effluent. Hach TNT821 does not require a separate blanking vial for further waste reduction and is compatible with our ezCOD Waste Recycling Service for further peace of mind. Make the switch to TNTplus COD reagents today!
For determination of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) by the Reactor Digestion Method. Simply pipette in sample, digest, and read in your Hach Spectrophotometer. 25 tests per box. 
Recommended instruments
Benefits of Hach TNTplus COD test kits:
* Easy and safe handling
* No reagent blank necessary
* Automatic method detection
* Documented shelf life and COA
COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) Method Range Instr, Test Kit, etc USEPA Compliant?
  8000 TNTplus LR, HR 3 - 150 mg/L LR   Y
Application Notes Language Size Date Edition
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Methods/Procedures Language Size Date Edition
Oxygen Demand, Chemical-Reactor Digestion COD Method 8000, TNTplus™ 821 and 822 
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Short Working Procedure: TNTplus™ 821 Chemical Oxygen Demand-COD, Method 8000 
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Contains mercury. Dispose of according to local, state and federal regulations.

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