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首頁 儀器與試劑 線上自動監測儀 氯離子監測 線上餘氯自動分析儀 CL17sc Colorimetric Chlorine Analyzer with Standpipe Installation Kit and Reagents for Free Chlorine
線上餘氯自動分析儀 CL17sc Colorimetric Chlorine Analyzer with Standpipe Installation Kit and Reagents for Free Chlorine
The Next Standard in Chlorine Analysis!
The CL17sc online chlorine analyzer extends Hach's decades-long legacy as the leader in online chlorine analysis. It uses EPA-approved colorimetric DPD analysis to deliver accurate and reliable measurements of free or total residual chlorine. Whether you use online chlorine measurements to optimize your process or report to regulatory agencies, the CL17sc is the analyzer you can trust.

Connection to Hach's SC controller platform gives you more flexibility to transfer, store, and interact with your chlorine measurement data, resulting in better understanding and control of your process, more cost-effective decision-making, and greater peace of mind that your data is always there no matter what happens.

A built-in flow meter, three-color status light, LED measurement cycle lights, and colorimeter window allow you to quickly and efficiently see that your CL17sc is functioning properly.

Compliant with US EPA 40 CFR 141.74
Hach CL17sc 水中氯分析儀符合美國EPA法規40 CFR 141.74。

適用於 飲用水,廢水、食品和飲料、製藥、電力、半導體等應用

CL17sc Analyzer 採用美國EPA認可之比色DPD分析法,搭配Hach digtal controller 數位控制器使用。設備可選功能:內部資料日誌;外部類比和數位通訊的備選方案;以及多參數儀器的靈活性。
測試量程 0 -10 mg/L Cl₂


綜合診斷功能讓運行更平穩 - 透過升級後的功能,如流量感測器、比色池觀察窗、多色狀態燈以及預測性診斷軟體,可隨時知道儀器是否按預期運行。

關鍵字 : 水 餘氯線上分析儀, 水 餘氯 連續監測, 水 氯離子 監控
The CL17sc can also be used with Hach's Claros Water Intelligence System. With the innovative Claros Mobile Sensor Management, you can view measurements and instrument status anytime, anywhere, on any web-enabled device. Alerts for upcoming maintenance and issues requiring immediate attention are all in the palm of your hand. Detailed, step-by-step illustrated instructions for routine maintenance tasks also allow you to feel confident that you have performed routine maintenance correctly.
- Accurate, reliable online measurement of free or total residual chlorine
- Compliant with US EPA 40 CFR 141.74
- On-screen, guided workflows for routine maintenance tasks
- Comprehensive diagnostic features, including built-in flow meter, multi-color status light, and colorimeter window
- Available Claros Mobile Sensor Management for measurement data and instrument status anytime, anywhere
Maintenance made easy
Peace of mind through comprehensive diagnostics
Expanded connectivity. Increased flexibility.
Maintenance made easy
The CL17sc reduces your routine maintenance touch time with programmable alerts, simplified tubing replacement, and step-by-step maintenance instructions.
Peace of mind through comprehensive diagnostics
With upgraded features like a flow meter, colorimeter window, multi-color status light, and predictive diagnostic software, you know your instrument is operating as intended.
Expanded connectivity. Increased flexibility.
By pairing the CL17sc with Hach’s SC controller platform, your options increase significantly: internal data logging; external analog and digital communication alternatives; and multi-parameter instrument flexibility.
The CL17sc is compliant with US EPA regulation 40 CFR 141.74. Both Method 4500-CL G and Method 334.0 can be used for measuring residual chlorine in drinking water.
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English US 163 KB 2019-10 Oct19
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Data Sheets Language Size Date Edition
Data sheet CL17sc Colorimetric Chlorine Analyzer
English US 1 MB 2019-09 Aug19
Manuals Language Size Date Edition
English US, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai 3 MB 2020-12 Ed 6
English UK, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, Danish, Polish, Swedish, Bulgarian, Russian, Turkish, Croatian, Greek, Arabic, Slovenian, Romanian, Russian, Hungarian, Italian, Finnish, Lithuanian 4 MB 2020-12 Ed 6

Software/Firmware Language Size Date Edition
CL17sc - Field Upgrade Package English UK, English US 291 KB 2020-12 v2.75
CL17sc ModBus Register
English US 3 KB 2020-01

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