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水中二氧化碳線上感測器 Orbisphere Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) TC sensor with nitrogen purge, protection cap
Selective gas measurement

Carbon Dioxide TC sensor with nitrogen purge and protection cap. With with external temperature sensor adapter.
Sensor cable to be ordered: 32505.03.
Maximum pressure: 20 bar

This sensor is the successor model for 31460 and 31450.

*Patented thermal conductivity (TC) sensor design
*No sample preparation required, the gas concentration is measured directly in the sample
*Rugged construction can handle harsh plant conditions and high sample pressures
*High temperature resistance to withstand cleaning in place (CIP)
*Fast response time to improve plant productivity
The Orbisphere patented Thermal Conductivity sensor has been developed to give continuous CO2 measurements in gas phase or dissolved in a liquid. The measuring technique is a combination of a gas diffusion membrane and a solid-state gas thermal conductivity detector.
A micro volume enclosed between a semi-permeable membrane and a thermal conductivity detector is periodically flushed with a purge gas. After each purge, the gas to be measured diffuses from the sample through the membrane, changing the thermal conductivity of the gas surrounding the detector. A change in thermal conductivity modifies the detector resistivity. This is measured, together with temperature, to calculate the gas concentration.
Manuals Language Size Date Edition
Basic User Manual: ORBISPHERE Model 31xxx<br />Thermal Conductivity Sensors 
English UK 706 KB 2016-06 May15 Edition 13
ORBISPHERE Model 31x9x Thermal Conductivity Sensors 
English UK 1 MB 2016-11 Oct16 Ed3