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Orbisphere 實驗室/可攜式溶氧分析儀 3650/3655系列 Portable Oxygen Analyzer
- 防水堅固輕便的O2或溶氧分析儀分析純水中溶氧量
- 堅固的IP67/NEMA4不銹鋼構造堅固耐用, 為嚴苛環境使用而設計
- 可搭配Orbisphere電化學電極
- 對於精確的測量不需要預熱
- 高靈敏度的3655系列可檢測低至0.1ppb
- 反應迅速,通常從飽和濃度到2ppb範圍,只需3分鐘左右
- 樣品無需預處理
- 具備氣相、液相樣品檢測分析功能
- 維護量低,通常6個月維護一次
- 資料儲存功能,可下載分析

3650/3655 handheld analyzer measures both saturated and trace level (down to 1 ppb) concentrations of oxygen in gases and liquids accurately. Stores up to 500 measurements. Rechargeable batteries allow up to 40 hours of continuous operation.

The Orbisphere 3650/3655 offers a robust portable system solution for oxygen or hydrogen measurement.
Designed to be used with Orbisphere high quality oxygen sensors, these instruments provide accurate and quick measurements in both the dissolved and gas phases.

These portable instruments are designed for the harsh environment of breweries and are also perfectly adapted for laboratory or verification purposes in the power generation, electronics, life sciences and other beverage industries.

應用: 釀酒廠、發電廠、電子製造、生命科學和其他飲料行業的實驗室或驗證用途。
Robust portable system solution for oxygen or hydrogen measurement
Ideal for Harsh Environments
The Orbisphere 3650 offers a robust portable system solution for oxygen measurement. The compact stainless steel construction is designed for the harsh environment of breweries, but it is also perfectly adapted for laboratory or verification purposes in other beverage applications. In addition, the 3650 can be used across a wide range of applications in the power generation, electronics and life sciences industries. Designed for use with the Orbisphere A1100 high quality oxygen sensor, these instruments provide fast, accurate and repeatable measurements in both the dissolved and gaseous phase, at line or in the laboratory. For low level applications, the specially configured Orbisphere 3655 measures to 0.1 ppb oxygen.
Simple Installation and Operation
The Orbisphere 3650 inlet tube is connected to a sample point or to a piercing device by a simple connector, making it quick and easy to install. The sample flows over the sensor membrane in the flow chamber, with an output valve controlling the sample's flow rate. The instrument's outlet tube allows the sample to drain away. The sample volume requirement is small, minimizing waste. The Orbisphere 3650 uses two C-type, NiMH or alkaline batteries. Changing the batteries is quick and easy; there is no down time for the instrument. Stored measurements are not lost if batteries go flat or are being changed.
Simple Maintenance
The use of the Orbisphere A1100 sensor with this portable instrument allows for very quick cleaning with nothing more than tap water and requires no technical skills. The sensor refurbishment (typically every 6 months) takes only 3 minutes with a pre-mounted membrane cartridge and electrolyte, eliminating any risk of incorrect membrane positioning.
Easy Calibration
Calibration after each sensor refurbishment is recommended. A traceable and simple calibration can be done directly in air by measuring its oxygen content with the use of the built-in pressure sensor and the automatic software calculation. Alternatively, the calibration can be performed against a liquid or gaseous sample of known concentration by simply entering the gas concentration via the keyboard. The Orbisphere A1100 oxygen sensor technology reduces residual signals to negligible levels, eliminating the need for a zero point calibration and providing fast response times essential for multiple measurements. A number of different membranes are available for use with the sensor, optimizing the wide range of measurement applications
Uncomplicated Data Management
The Orbisphere 3650 display is large and easy to read. No conversion tables are needed as this instrument directly indicates the gas concentration in the chosen unit. The temperature of the sample is displayed by pressing one key. Each instrument comes with a Windows® software package that enables the user to analyze up to 500 stored measurements and to configure the instrument. Using the RS-232 connection, stored measurements can be simply downloaded to a PC for analysis.
Datasheets/Brochures Language Size Date Edition
Orbisphere 3650-3655 Selective O2 Measurement Data Sheet
English US 62 KB 2010-03 Rev 1
Manuals Language Size Date Edition
ORBISPHERE Model 3650 User Manual
English UK, German, French, Spanish, Czech, Hungarian 1 MB 2016-03 Ed 2
User Manual: ORBISPHERE Model 3650 Portable Analyzer
English UK 1 MB 2016-03 Ed 2