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攜帶式pH與溶氧分析儀 HQ2200 Portable Multi-Meter with pH and Dissolved Oxygen Electrode, 1 or 5 m Rugged Cables


A robust and intuitive range of portable meters, instilling confidence in reporting and managing your results.
The HQ Series is for water quality professionals who want to perform electrochemical analysis for field and lab environments. Our new portable platform will allow you to collect intuitive, accurate measurements, manage data, and easily review results, while supplying an IP67 robustness rating.
They provide a true rugged, field-ready solution with on-screen, visual step-by-step operating guidance that provides users with confidence in reporting and managing their results. Unlike other field meters with basic user interfaces and without easily accessible data, the HQ Series secures, simplifies, and accelerates the complete measurement process for field users.

pH Measurement Range: 0 - 14 pH
DO Measurement Range: 0.1 - 20.0 mg/L (ppm), 1 - 200% saturation
Data Memory:10,000 data points

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Performing a successful calibration has never been so simple
Most measuring issues are due to incorrect calibration procedures. With our illustrated, step-by-step on-screen calibration and troubleshooting procedures, water quality professionals can succeed every time.
Deliver your daily activity in just a few clicks
Whether you are at your facility or working in the field, the Hach® HQ Series portable meter ensures your data will be safely transferred via USB or optional Bluetooth*. Take advantage of additional data validation when you connect your field meter to Claros™ Data Management software.
Sensors designed for every application
We offer standard laboratory and rugged field Intellical™ smart sensors available with the HQ Series to measure a wide variety of parameters including Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Optical Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Temperature, Conductivity, and pH. Intellical smart probes are automatically recognized by HQ meters, retain calibration history and method settings to minimize errors and setup time. They incorporate proven technology to deliver superior accuracy and response times – even when measuring challenging samples or challenging operating environments.
Peace of mind: Hach service and support will be there for you
Our Technical Support, Field Service, and Central Service Teams work together with over 80 years of electrochemistry expertise to help you maximize instrument uptime, ensure data integrity, maintain operational stability, and reduce compliance risk. Never feel alone when you need support.
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HQ Series Service Overview Brochure
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Basic User Manual: HQ1110, HQ1130, HQ1140, HQ2100, HQ2200, HQ4100, HQ4200, HQ4300
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User Manual HQ Series
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HQ™ Series Simulator  模擬試用HQ系列攜帶式水質分析儀
Test drive the HQ Series Meter and discover for yourself how easy the interface really is. Start by selecting your parameters. 進入模擬器頁面後, 選擇您的水質測試參數, 然後開始輕鬆體驗HQ系列儀表的友善人機界面。