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水中毒性物質線上分析儀 EZ 系列 Toxicity Analyzers
The EZ Series Online Analyzers offer an option to monitor Toxicity in wastewater. Toxicity is a non-specific parameter that allows to monitor and protect the microorganisms from toxic influences in the influent.

The EZ7900 is a respiration Analyzer able to detect and measure wastewater streams that present an acute or chronic toxicity to the biomass of a treatment plant. This allows operators to take corrective measures to protect the viability of the wastewater treatment plant. Measurements are carried out on real sludge freshly sampled from the actual treatment plant by means of a dedicated filtration unit.

Most applications require the use of a dual EZ9110 + EZ9120 sampling/filtration system for sample preconditioning. For this option please check the EZ9000 Sample preconditioning page.

- Multiple stream analysis (1-8 streams) reducing cost per sampling point
- Analog and/or digital outputs for communication
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EZ7900.99001C02 EZ7900 Toxicity Analyzer, 1 stream, Modbus RS485 Toxicity; respiration rate 0 - 100 % inhibition Mobus RS485 Contact Hach
Datasheets/Brochures Type Language Size Date Edition
1 Instrument – 5 Technologies – 100+ Parameters: EZ Series Online Analyzers for industrial and environmental water analysis 
  English US 309 KB 2018-12 Aug18
EZ7900 Series Toxicity Analysers: Online, automatic respirometry for early warning of toxicity in wastewater treatment plants 
  English UK 276 KB 2018-08 Aug18
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User Manual: EZ Series 
  English US, English UK 11 MB 2018-10 Oct18 Ed2