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2100Q IS 攜帶式濁度計 with USB+Power Module
The Hach 2100Q IS Portable Turbidimeter offers unsurpassed ease of use and accuracy in turbidity measurement. Only Hach offers this unique combination of advanced features and measurement innovation, giving you accurate results every time.
The USB+Power Module provides additional benefit by allowing the user to transfer data to a PC in XML format, transfer data to the Citizen PD-24 printer (2960100), operate the instrument on line power (100-240Vac, 50/60 HZ), charge NiMH batteries (2971304),perform firmware updates, and quickly enter Sample and User IDs with the optional barcode scanner (LZV566).

Hach為全球濁度測量技術的領導品牌,最新研發之2100Q和2100Q IS 攜帶型濁度計在使用的簡便性和濁度測量的準確度方面又有全新突破。

2100Q濁度計整合多種先進功能於一體的攜帶型濁度分析儀器,例如校正和驗證螢幕顯示提示功能、簡單的數據傳輸功能、創新的RST測量功能等,為使用者提供穩定、準確的測量結果。Hach 2100Q是您濁度計的最佳選擇。

關鍵字: 濁度分析儀, 濁度檢測儀, 濁度測定, 測定水樣濁度, 水中濁度檢測, turbidity
Easy calibration and verification
The Hach 2100Qis Portable Turbidimeter provides confidence your measurements are right every time. On-screen assisted calibration and verification saves you time and ensures accuracy.
With an easy-to-follow interface, complicated manuals are not needed to perform routine calibrations. Single-standard RapidCal calibration offers a simplified solution for low level measurements.
Simple data transfer
Data transfer with the 2100Q is simple, flexible, and doesn't require additional software. All data can be transferred to the included USB+Power Module and easily downloaded to your computer with a USB connection, providing superior data integrity and availability.
Accurate for rapidly settling samples
The HACH 2100Qis Portable Turbidimeter incorporates an innovative Rapidly Settling TurbidityTM mode to provide accurate, repeatable measurements for difficult to measure, rapidly settling samples.
An exclusive algorithm that calculates turbidity based on a series of automatic readings eliminates redundant measurements and estimating.
Convenient data logging
Up to 500 measurements are automatically stored in the instrument for easy access and backup. Stored information includes: date and time, operator ID, reading mode, sample ID, sample number, units, calibration time, calibration status, error messages, and the result.
Optical system for precision in the field
The two-detector optical system compensates for color in the sample, light fluctuation, and stray light, enabling analysts to achieve laboratory-grade performance on a wide range of samples, even under difficult site conditions.
Turbidity Method Range Reagent Set(s) USEPA Compliant?
  7027 ISO Standard 0 - 1,000 FNU View  
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