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水中磷,正磷酸鹽檢測試紙 Phosphorus, Orthophosphate (reactive) Test Strips
Phosphorus Test Strips 量程 0 - 50 mg/L

Hach水質試紙廣泛應用於全球各地實驗室, 預先測試過濾以查找出可能與干擾實驗室測試的物質存在。在現場的技術人員, 只需要幾分鐘, 就能夠測試許多樣品並在現場進行即時評估。

關鍵字 : 水中磷檢測試紙, 水中磷分析
Phosphorus Method Range Reagent Set(s) USEPA Compliant?
  Test Strips 0 - 50 mg/L    
Hach Test Strips are easy to use and read. In the field, technicians can test many samples in just minutes and make immediate evaluations on-site. In the lab, Hach test strips are ideal in pre-test screening to detect the presence of materials that might interfere with lab testing. Contains 50 tests.
  • Easy to use, disposable, and inexpensive
  • A great way to obtain quick, quantitative answers in the field or in the lab


Footnote:*mg/L unless otherwise noted, ppb = µg/L, ppm = mg/L.;
   gpg = grains per gallon; 1 gpg = 17.1 mg/L or 17.1 ppm.
   1EPA-accepted for wastewater. Check with your regulatory agency.
Model:Test Strips
Number of tests:50
Parameter:Phosphorus, Orthophosphate (reactive) - as PO4
Platform :Test Strip
Range:0 to 50 ppm PO4
Ship Wt. (lbs):0.2
Smallest Increment Steps:0, 5, 15, 30, 50