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攜帶式ORP計 HQ11D Portable ORP/RedOx Meter, Laboratory Kit for Water Quality, with Platinum ORP Electrode
Designed for your ORP/RedOx applications, the Hach HQ11D portable ORP/mV meter is an advanced handheld digital meter that takes the guesswork out of measurements. The Hach HQD digital ORP/mV meter combines reliability, flexibility and ease of use.

Intellical™ MTC101 is a digital, combination oxidation reduction potential (ORP/Redox) probe with a non-refillable, gel-electrolyte reference and built-in temperature sensor. MTC101 has low maintenance needs thanks to a non-refillable gel-filled single open reference junction. The laboratory version of this metallic electrode is shockproff with its epoxy plastic body protecting down to the platinum sensing element. The MTC101 electrode is ideal for measuring ORP/RedOx absolute mV values in wastewater, drinking water and aqueous media applications. The MTC101 is not suitable for use with organic solvents.

HQd系列分析儀的操作界面簡單直觀 : 具有校正指引和標準規程檢查,減少校正錯誤,簡化操作過程。校正狀態指示燈和校正提醒讓您獲得正確校正結果。



關鍵字: ORP電極, ORP檢測儀, ORP 探頭, REDOX分析, 氧化還原電位電極
Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) Method Range Reagent Set(s) USEPA Compliant?
  10228 Direct Measurement -1999 - 1999 mV View  
The HQD portable meters connect with a wide range of Intellical smart pH & ORP electrodes addressing different sample types and operating environment for water quality, environmental and treatment process purposes. The Intellical probe automatically recognize the testing parameter, store the calibration history, and method settings to minimize errors and setup time.
Rugged ORP meter for efficient field water testing
Single input channel for pH, Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP/mV) and temperature - connect to any pH or ORP Intellical™ smart electrode, probe and sensor.
Intuitive user interface for simple operation, reliable and accurate results
Guided calibration and check standard routines reduce calibration errors while stabilization alerts and visual measurement lock ensure that you can trust the accuracy of the results. Calibration status indicator and custom calibration alerts ensure accurate results.
Trust your measurements - Intellical™ smart probes store all calibrations in the probe
Calibration history allows quick and easy change out of probes without re-calibrating. The HQD™ smart system records serial numbers, current calibration data, user ID, sample ID, time, and date automatically in the data log for complete Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) traceability.
Designed for demanding field operating conditions and ease of use
Rugged and waterproof meter design provides worry-free, reliable operation in field environments. All connections between the meter and the probe are secure. Connectors can be color-coded for quick identification. Information is clearly displayed on the one screen with back light for low light conditions. Display results can be enlarged.
Complete convenient kit
Package content includes everything you need to start testing. Details below
Application Notes Language Size Date Edition
Electrochemistry Theory and Practice
English US 3 MB 2018-12 Dec18 Ed3
Introduction to Oxidation Reduction Potential Measurement
English US 1 MB 2009-10 Ed1
Measure pH, conductivity, oxygen with HQD
English US 446 KB 2016-01 Jan16
Oxidation Reduction Potential: Understanding a Challenging Measurement
English US 1005 KB 2009-10 Ed1
Technical note pH measurement system
English UK 183 KB 2013-11  
Technical Note pH Trace Analysis (en)
English UK 95 KB 2013-11  
Datasheets/Brochures Language Size Date Edition
HQD Digital Meters and Intellical™ Probes Data Sheet
English US 809 KB 2017-11 Rev9
The best solution for accurate results in all applications - HQD meters and high performance pH electrodes
English US 328 KB 2015-08 Aug15
Manuals Language Size Date Edition
Basic User Manual: HQd Portable Meter
English US, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai 1 MB 2018-02 Oct17 Ed6
Quick Start Guide for Portable Meters
English US, German, French, Italian, Spanish 771 KB 2011-02 Ed 2
User Manual: HQd Portable Meter
English US 1 MB 2018-02 Oct17 Ed6
Software/Firmware Language Size Date Edition
HQd Series Meter Data Transfer Utility V1
Data Transfer Utility allows transferring measurement data directly from your Hach HQd Series Meter to a computer. For use with all HQD instruments (HQ11D, HQ14D, HQ30D, HQ40D, HQ440D, HQ411D) - Portable and Laboratory models.
Only for computers running Microsoft® Windows® 7 and later operating systems.
Administrative privileges are required to install this application on your computer.
1. Save zip file on computer.
2. Extract zip file.
3. Run setup.exe
For further install information see readme.txt file included in the zip package and HQD User Manual.
English US 738 KB 2017-08 V1.0
HQD Software Update v3.0.0.756
Current software for all HQD instruments (HQ11D, HQ14D, HQ30D, HQ40D, HQ440D, HQ411D, HQ430D) - portable and benchtop.
1. Save zip file on computer.
2. Extract zip file.
3. Save files to empty USB stick.
For further information see update instructions and HQD manual.
English US, German, French, Italian, Spanish 1 MB 2018-09 v3.0.0.756