Hach公司成立於 1947 年,現隸屬於美國丹納赫(Danaher)集團。丹納赫集團 (NYSE: DHR) 為全球科學和技術的創新者,擁有眾多專業品牌,致力於協助全球客戶因應複雜的挑戰和改善生活品質。丹納赫水平台 Water Quality Platform 為戰略平台之一,由Hach、Trojan、 OTT/Hydromet、Sea- Bird 等專業水質分析和水文水利及氣象環境監測所組成,共同致力於提供保障水質安全的全方位解決方案,並為環境永續發展貢獻力量。丹納赫全球員工超過 59,000 名,多樣化團隊成員組成的多元包容 (Diversity and Inclusion) 企業文化。在Hach,我們共同的目標:協助實現生命的潛能 (Helping Realize Life’s Potential)。丹納赫商業系統 (DBS) 引領企業於所處之領域居於優勢地位。在 2020 年《財富雜誌》“美國 500 強公司”排行榜,丹納赫集團名列 161 名。

Be confident in your water analysis. Be right with expert answers, outstanding support, and reliable, easy-to-use solutions from Hach.

Water quality is something we take very seriously at Hach. We know that your water analysis has to be right, which is why we’re dedicated to providing you with the complete solutions you need to feel confident in your analysis. By developing reliable, easy-to-use solutions, as well as providing you with access to knowledgeable expertise and support, Hach is helping ensure water quality all across the globe.

Our Mission

Ensuring water quality for people around the world.

Our Vision

We make water analysis better—faster, simpler, greener and more informative—via unsurpassed customer partnerships, the most knowledgeable experts, and reliable, easy-to-use solutions.
Hach’s broad line of instrumentation and chemistries have been carefully crafted for more than 80 years to make water analysis better – faster, simpler, greener and more informative – so you get it right the first time, every time. Our experts understand your applications and we’re committed to helping you discover optimal solutions for your specific needs.
Since our founding in 1933, we've led the industry in developing innovative solutions to help you manage your water more efficiently and accurately. Today, Hach products can be found across the entire globe and serve industries ranging from municipal drinking and wastewater to food, beverage and power, and every other category that touches water. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Danaher Corporation (NYSE: DHR), Hach is equipped with the support and resources to provide you with the breakthrough products and expert guidance you’ve come to expect.
Hach公司注重技術創新,具備強大研發團隊,致力於為客戶提供高精度儀器和專業服務。Hach公司旗下擁有許多知名專業品牌,包括ANATEL、Applitek、Aquatic Informatics、Biotector、ChemTreatDr. Lange、GLI、Hydrolab、Lachat Instruments、Marsh-McBirney、Orbisphere、OTT、Pall WaterPolymetron、Radiometer、Sea-Bird、Sigma、Trojan等,生產基地分別位於美國、德國、瑞士、法國、英國和中國。
  • 在自來水行業,Hach公司水質分析測試方案準確度和可靠性受到客戶的廣泛好評和信賴,特別是濁度計和餘氯分析儀在全球市場有近50年的應用歷史。
  • 在污水行業,Hach公司領先全球創新開發出LDO光學法溶氧分析儀以及氨氮、污泥濃度分析儀,針對污水處理廠的水質進行自動監測和預警並自動調控部分程序。
  • 而在工業循環水檢測領域中,硬度監測儀、總磷、濁度以及導電度分析儀則受到廣泛使用,是優化過程、節能、節約成本的有效工具。
  • 為提高各行業實驗室以及現場檢測使用者之工作效率,Hach公司同時致力於實驗室及攜帶型設備以及各類即開即用型化學試劑包的研究,幫助客戶有效達到測量準確、簡便、快捷的工作目標。
我們的使命:  全球水質守護者 
我們的願景:  卓越的客戶合作,專業的研發團隊和值得信賴的便捷產品,一切只為水質分析 - 更快速、更簡便、更環保、更全面。
History and Heritage Our Global Footprint
In 1947, Clifford and Kitty Hach invented a whole new way to think about water analysis. Armed with an advanced understanding of analytical chemistry and a passion for making a difference, our founders set out to simplify water analysis.
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Clifford Hach working in lab
As Hach’s water analysis solutions and expertise have grown, so has our global footprint. Today, more than ever, we are acting upon our mission of ensuring water quality for people around the world. Our customers across the globe can be confident that their unique requirements are understood and supported by people who are within easy reach.
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Our Family of Brands Hach Helps
Since its founding, Hach has experienced consistent growth both organically and through the addition of some of the top names in water quality to our portfolio. Take a look at the many highly respected brands that make up Hach today.
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At Hach, we believe that actions speak louder than words. That's why we have founded the Hach Helps initiative, which offers associates the opportunity to impact those in their immediate communities and around the world.
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Careers Connect with Us
More than even a team – Hach is a family. We have been a family business since the beginning, and that spirit of teamwork and community has remained. We are dedicated to developing the talent of associates and committed to fostering an environment that encourages associates of all cultures and backgrounds to come together and achieve one goal - to serve our customers around the world.
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If you have questions regarding technical support, pricing, or anything else - you can contact a Hach office in your region. Hach has offices around the globe dedicated to serving you.
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