Making Water Analysis Better 致力於提供更好的水質分析方案
Since our founding in 1933, Hach® has led the industry in developing innovative solutions to help our customers analyze their water more efficiently and more effectively.
Today, Hach products can be found around the globe in a wide range of lab, field, and in-process uses in municipal and industrial facilities. Hach analytics solutions are designed to give operators and managers confidence in the many decisions they make to ensure compliance, improve energy efficiency, and reduce waste in production, product quality, and utilities management.
Be confident in your water analysis. Be right with expert answers, outstanding support, and reliable, easy-to-use solutions from Hach.
自1933年成立以來Hach公司始終致力於開發創新技術方案,幫助我們的客戶更有效率地分析監測水質為全球環境永續發展貢獻力量。Hach產品遍布全球各地的實驗室、現場以及民生和工業廠區的製造過程當中。 Hach水質分析方案目的在於讓操作人員和管理人員對他們所做的許多決策充滿信心,以確保達到法規標準的合規性、提高能源效率並減少製造過程、產品品質和公用事業管理方面的損耗浪費。
Hach公司全球多元化團隊成員組成多元平等包容 (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) 的企業文化。在Hach,我們共同的目標:實現生命的無限潛能 (Helping Realize Life’s Potential)。Hach公司隸屬於美國Veralto集團 (NYSE: VLTO) 。
Our Mission  我們的使命 
Ensuring water quality for people around the world.  全球水質守護者
Our Vision  我們的願景
We make water analysis better—faster, simpler, greener and more informative—via unsurpassed customer partnerships, the most knowledgeable experts, and reliable, easy-to-use solutions.  卓越的客戶合作,專業的研發團隊和值得信賴的便捷產品,一切只為水質分析 - 更快速、更簡便、更環保、更全面。

Our Values 我們的核心價值

Imagine a single drop of water’s power to send ripples out into the world. Much the same way, every Hach associate, customer and partner carries our mission across the globe through their talents and actions.  We believe the best team wins, so we pour our passion into helping people do their best work.
Strong Hach Legacy
For nearly a century, we have been a leader in water quality analysis. At our core, we honor the power of water to nourish and provide for people around the world. We’re contributing to our global community by taking care of the world’s water.
Thriving Customer Partnerships
Every time we connect with a customer, we have the chance to build brand trust and strengthen relationships. When we listen to and invest in our customers, we know they become our advocates and ambassadors.
Integrated Solutions for Global Water Cycles
We are problem-solvers working to create solutions for the most complex water challenges of our time and to simplify water analysis across Global Water Cycles.
Creating the Future of Water
With an innovative mindset and a focus on sustainability, we use leading-edge digital technologies to shape the way we – and others - think about and address complex water challenges and opportunities.
Hach公司致力技術創新,為客戶提供高精度儀器和專業服務。Hach公司旗下擁有許多知名專業品牌,包括Applitek、Aquatic Informatics、Biotector、ChemTreatDr. Lange、GLI、Hydrolab、Lachat Instruments、Marsh-McBirney、Orbisphere、OTT、Pall WaterPolymetron、Radiometer、Sea-Bird、Sigma、Trojan等。
Hach Earns Gold Medal Sustainability Rating from EcoVadis
Hach Company, a global leader in water quality analysis, announced in October 2021 that it has earned a Gold Medal sustainability rating by EcoVadis, the leading platform for environmental, social and ethical performance ratings for global supply chains.
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
At Hach, our mission is to ensure water quality for people around the world.
That means all people. In all their diversity.
​​​​​​​We reflect that diversity by attracting, developing, and retaining associates whose different backgrounds, perspectives, and talents drive our mission forward across the globe.
Our History
Since our founding, Hach has continued to lead the way in innovative water quality analysis – a history that continues to inform what we do today, and will shape water quality far into the future.
Simple Water Analysis for All
Back in 1947, our founders Clifford and Kitty Hach set us on the right path to simplify water analysis.
In 2004, we united with an equally committed organization — Dr. Bruno Lange GmbH of Germany (est. 1933) — to expand our offerings and become a truly global organization.
Today, we educate the world about the importance of water quality and we rely on nearly a century of analytical chemistry expertise to guide us as we innovate and adapt.
We Are Hach – Every Associate Plays a Vital Role
At Hach, we ensure water quality for people around the world, and every associate plays a vital role in that mission. We accomplish this through teamwork, customer partnerships, passionate experts, and reliable, easy-to-use solutions.
As part of our team, you’ll make an immediate, measurable impact on a global scale by enabling the world’s everyday water needs. You’ll also belong to a respectful and collaborative community that fosters career growth and professional development. You’ll be supported by resources that make a positive difference in your life because, at Hach, we value your authenticity and want your talents to shine.  Explore Career Opportunities Today  
聯絡我們 : info.tw@hach.com