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網路研討會>4月28日 測量飲用水生產過程中的溶解金屬和其他成分 Measurement of dissolved metals and other components in Drinking water production
Webinar>Measurement of dissolved metals and other components in Drinking water production
日期和時間 : Wed, Apr 28, 2021 10:00 AM CEST中歐時間 (12:00 PM GST) 台北時間下午4:00pm
Monitoring of dissolved metals and other contaminants in drinking water production is crucial and driven by legislation. However, lab measurement reporting delays can often prevent timely process adjustments to production facilities. This is why online measurement is essential and provides operators with the necessary tools to ensure water quality standards are met throughout the process. Hach® can now cover all aspects of online monitoring and this webinar will provide you with the technical details behind these methods and highlight their importance.  監測飲用水生產過程中的溶解金屬和其他污染物是很關鍵的,並且受到法規的推動。 不過,實驗室測試並產出報告的時間延遲通常無法對生產設施進行即時的過程調整。 這也是為什麼線上測量是不可或缺的原因,並且為操作人員提供必要的工具以確保在整個過程中都達到水質標準。 Hach涵蓋全方面的線上監控,此網絡研討會將為您提供這些方法背後的技術細節,並介紹其重要性。
Duration 研討會時間長度 : 1 hour
Learning Objectives 學習目標 : 
更新您對飲用水/飲料補給水生產過程中監控參數的了解。Refresh your understanding of parameter monitoring during drinking water / beverage make up water production. 
歐盟法規指導水處理的策略。 此次網絡研討會將涵蓋法規監管水中金屬的一些原理和趨勢。EU regulation is a fluid landscape that guides treatment strategies. This webinar will cover some of the principals and trends of metals regulation.
了解實施全天候監控如何幫助確保您廠區內的水處理過程得到控制。Learn how implementing around-the-clock monitoring can help your facility stay in control of your treatment processes.
了解新技術如何能夠線上連續監控各項操作,使您安心並且能夠提供水處理過程的全貌。Learn about advancements in technology that enable online, continuous monitoring of your operation, allowing peace of mind and providing the complete picture of the water treatment process.
在網絡研討會結束時的問答環節,歡迎提交您的問題,並於網絡研討會之後收到一份問答文檔。Submit your questions for our Q&A session at the end of the webinar and receive a Q&A document as a report following the webinar.
Presenters 主講人 : 
Sjoerd van der Knoop
Global Product Application Manager
Municipal, Wastewater
Global Product Application Manager
Municipal, Wastewater
This English language webinar is offered free of charge. The presentation will take approximately 40 minutes, followed by a Q&A session. Use this opportunity to gain and share knowledge with minimal impact on your busy schedule. 
此網絡研討會以英語發音,免費提供。 主講時間約40分鐘,問答環節約20分鐘。
Not able to join the webinar on the day?
Don’t worry! After you register for the live event, you will receive a link to the website where after the webinar is complete, you can listen to the recorded session as well as access the download library for relevant Hach documentation. 
報名註冊後若是無法準時參加, 您將會收到錄音版的連結, 可於稍後點進觀看聆聽.