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網路研討會>5月14日 即時監測飲用水中的微生物活動 Real-time Monitoring of Microbial Activity in Drinking Water (英語發音)
ATP is a reliable biomarker for microbial growth as it is present in all bacteria. Monitoring ATP in a drinking water plant helps detect increasing bacterial activity early, thus enabling you to take immediate action. The analytical results can also be used to support control of your drinking water production process.
Introduction to ATP measurement   ATP測量簡介
Analytical solutions and measuring points for monitoring  監測分析方案和測量點
Application examples and field data  應用實例和現場數據
ATP是所有細菌中存在的微生物生長的可靠生物標記。 監測飲用水廠中的ATP有助於及早發現細菌活動的增加,進而讓您能夠立即採取應變行動。 而分析結果還可用於支援飲用水生產過程中的控制。
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Title 研討會主題 : Real-time Monitoring of Microbial Activity in Drinking Water
Date 日期 : Thursday, May 14, 2020 (註冊完成後即可觀看錄影檔)
Time 時間 : 10:00 AM Central European Summer Time (中歐夏令時間)  *台灣時間當日下午4:00
Duration 研討會時間長度 : 1 hour
Speakers 主講者
Sjoerd van der Knoop
Application Development Manager EZ Series
Vladimir Pavlita
Application Development Manager - Drinking Water