Hach 污水進水水質監測-有機物和毒性 Influent Monitoring for Organic and Toxic Loads
Take the Guesswork Out of Influent  
Gain Insights into Organic and Nutrient Loads with Continuous Influent Monitoring
How do you know about changes to your influent? Your influent informs your processes – from anticipating incoming changes, to moving loads, to adjusting for incoming toxins.  Early detection provides greater opportunity for proactive, effective process adjustments.
Your samples can tell you more. Hach® is your partner for influent measurement solutions.
Influent monitoring tools from Hach give you the opportunity to dig deeper and gain additional insights into what’s happening in your influent. Our low-maintenance products can inform your process, with measurement capabilities including TOC, TN/TP and even toxicity.
及早偵測就能夠化被動為主動, 進而有效應變調整水處理流程。
您的水樣包含了很多訊息, Hach 是您的進水水質監測測量方案的夥伴, 讓您能夠深入挖掘並進一步了解進水中發生的情況。 我們的低維護量儀器包括線上監測 TOC、TN/TP 甚至毒性。
Total Organic Carbon 水中總有機碳濃度
Manage your treatment process efficiently by monitoring TOC in wastewater influent. TOC monitoring provides the insight necessary for swift process adjustment and opportunity redirect water as needed for retention and additional treatment.
Unlike BOD and COD, TOC can be measured quickly for real time adjustments without harmful or toxic byproduct.
透過監測廢污水進水中的 TOC濃度來有效管理您的水處理過程。
TOC 監測提供快速調整水處理所需的洞察力,並讓管理人員有機會根據需要重新調整水的方向。
與 BOD 和 COD 不同,TOC 可以快速測量並進行即時調整,而且不會產生有害或有毒的副產品。
Total Nitrogen and Total Phosphorous 水中總氮和總磷濃度
It’s always challenging to meet discharge permits with very minimal control over what is coming in the influent. This can be more challenging when there are large industrial dischargers contributing to the influent stream. Download data sheet or explore eLearning opportunities.
BioTector B7000 provides continuous measurement of TOC, TN and TP in the influent.
Hach 的 TOC線上分析儀 BioTector B7000 可連續測量進水的 TOC、TN 和 TP 濃度。
Influent Toxicity 毒性
Toxic loads can throw off your process and lead to fines for your plant. Understand your upstream customers and combat toxins within your plant by knowing exactly when a toxic event occurs. Learn more about toxicity monitoring or watch the webinar.
Measure toxicity with EZ Series instruments. An accurate, online monitoring tool, the EZ7900 provides operators the information needed to maintain process stability and efficiency.
使用 EZ 系列線上分析儀測量污水毒性 - EZ7900 Toxicity Analyzer 準確線上監測,為操作管理人員提供維持水處理過程穩定度和效率所需的重要資訊。
Compare Instruments 實驗室分析儀器可與線上監測數據進行比對
Hach has a variety of influent measurement solutions, many of which can be configured to your needs.
Hach多種進水測量技術方案,包括實驗室分析儀器 DR3900分光光度計, DR6000 UV分光光度計 和線上連續監測儀器 UVAS Plus sc 水中有機物線上感測器(自動清潔功能) , 其中許多可根據您的需求進行配置。