OTT PLS - Pressure Level Sensor 壓力水位計
Robust ceramic pressure transducer for water level measurement 測量水位之堅固陶瓷壓力感測器

The OTT PLS measures water level, depth to water, or pressure by means of an integrated controller and ceramic pressure-measuring cell. Design features such as multiple communication outputs (SDI-12 or 4 ... 20 mA), stainless steel housing, and a rugged cable make this sensor ideal for monitoring water level in a variety of applications. OTT PLS 整合控制器和陶瓷壓力測量感測器測量水位、水深或壓力。多通訊輸出(SDI-12 或 4 ... 20 mA)、不銹鋼外殼、堅固電纜設計之感測器非常適合各種應用環境監測水位。

Measuring water level in surface and groundwater, including:
 Stations with sloping bottom, e.g. water banks
 Small diameter pipes or holes (from 1" Ø)
 Dams, weirs, irrigation systems
 Waterways that occasionally ice over
 Brackish water, saltwater
 Waterways that do not contain water throughout the year (e.g. retaining basins)

堅固設計 - 陶瓷壓力感測器可抵抗物理力(5倍破裂壓)和由優質耐鹽水鋼製成的外殼,適用於沿海環境.
內建微控制器 - 補償溫度影響並應用重力加速度和水密度的校正值.

關鍵字 : 地表水水位測量、地下水水位測量、長期水位測量
  • The robust ceramic pressure cell offers industry-leading accuracy and does not deform over time like membrane technology, providing long-term measurement stability
  • Rugged design: Ceramic pressure cell resistant to physical force (5 x burst pressure) and enclosure made of high-quality saltwater resistant steel for use in coastal environments
  • Built-in microcontroller – compensates for temperature effects and applies correction values for gravitational acceleration and water density
  • Vented pressure probe, automatically compensates for changes in barometric pressure
  • Robust cable with Kevlar core for length stabilization and capillary tube for venting
  • Simple setup and connection to external dataloggers using SDI-12 or 4 ... 20 mA interfaces
  • Optimized resolution is achieved by assigning the 4 ... 20 mA to that part of the measuring range that is actually required
  • Water temperature output in addition to water level (for SDI-12 output)
Water level measurement  
Measurement range 0 ... 4 m, 10 m, 20 m, 40 m, 100 m
 SDI-12 ±0.05 % FS (linearity and hysteresis)
 4 ... 20 mA ±0.1 % FS (linearity and hysteresis)
10 ppm/°C at 20 °C
Resolution (SDI-12) 0.001 m; 0.1 cm; 0.01 ft; 0.1 mbar; 0.001 psi
Temperature compensated working range  -5 °C ... +45 °C (ice-free)
Temperature measurement range –-25 °C ... +70 °C (ice-free)
Resolution 0.1 °C / 0.1 °F
Accuracy ±0.5 °C / ±0.9 °F
Electrical data  
Available interfaces (use as required) 4 ... 20 mA, SDI-12, RS485 (via SDI-12 protocol)
Supply voltage +9.6 ... +28 V DC, typically 12/24 V DC
Power consumption (SDI-12)  
Sleep <600 µA
Active <3.6 mA
Pressure sensor (capacitive pressure sensor) ceramic, temperature compensated, overload safe for up to 5 times the measuring range without permanent mechanical damage
Temperature sensor NTC
Dimensions 195 mm x 22 mm
Weight approx. 0.3 kg
Environmental conditions  
Operating temperature –-25 ... +70 °C
Storage temperature –-40 ... +85 °C
Housing stainless steel 1.4539 (904L) resistant to sea water
Seals Viton
Cable jacket PUR
Protection type IP68
Mechanical Strength meets the mechanical shock tests of IEC 68-2-32
EMC limits CE conformity; EN 61000-4-2/3/4/5/6 and EN 61000-6-3 Class B are adhered to