Aquafine OptiVenn Series (工業用水紫外線殺菌系統
State-of-the-art UV series for industrial water treatment 適用於工業環境水處理之紫外線 UV 殺菌系列 - 採用先進技術的紫外線消毒系統,適用於製藥、食品飲料、微電子和其他工業市場。

The OptiVenn Series is a family of UV systems with advanced technology for applications in the pharmaceutical, food & beverage, microelectronics and other industrial markets.

The OptiVenn Series is used to break down trace chemicals; ozone, chlorine, and total organic carbon. The OptiVenn series disinfects 99.9% of E.Coli and Fecal Coliform. 分解微量化學物質;臭氧、氯和總有機碳。OptiVenn 系列可消毒 99.9% 的大腸桿菌和糞便大腸菌。

The series consists of a 316L stainless steel chamber and 304 stainless steel control panel, and is equipped with a controller which provides control, monitoring and operational information in a single convenient location.

The chamber and control panel are extremely compact, and offer flexibility of installation to accommodate into different skid designs or as a stand-alone UV system.

關鍵字 : 製藥 水 UV 消毒 殺菌, 半導體 水 UV 消毒 殺菌
Key Features and Benefits :
Compact Footprint
Optimized chamber design and multiple lamp arrays enable cost-effective installation in extremely compact spaces.
Flexible Panel Installation
Can handle maximum flow capacity in minimal space. Its compact design allows it to be installed vertically or horizontally in restrictive spaces, thereby lowering installation costs.
High Performance UV Lamps
The low performance, high output (LPHO) lamps are approximately 3x more efficient than medium pressure lamps.
User-friendly Interface
Intuitive interface enables at-a-glance check status of system, including individual lamp status, UV intensity.
Guaranteed Performance and Comprehensive Warranty
When you use genuine Aquafine parts, we guarantee that your system will meet the disinfection requirement specified at purchase, provided that the system’s original design parameters haven’t changed (e.g., flow rate, UV transmittance) and maintenance is completed per the UV system's O&M manual.
Local Service, Global Support
Our comprehensive network of certified service providers offers ongoing maintenance programs and fast response for service and spare parts.
Flexible Chamber Requires Less Space
  • An internal baffle and an anti-vibration mechanism optimize performance, support quartz sleeves and ensure reliable system performance even at high flow rates
  • Can be installed with the chamber easily rotated to one of 4 different angles with no special customization required, reducing pipework, space, and installation cost.
Universal Control Panel Provides Installation Flexibility
  • All UV systems have a stainless-steel control panel designed to provide maximum installation flexibility and fit within stringent space requirements
  • All control panels are compliant with the -following electrical codes: cULus (Canada, USA), CE (Europe)
Versatility Built Into Our Design
  • The panel can be mounted in various locations to optimize the use of space, especially for frame mounted designs
  • The small and medium control panels can be mounted on top of, in front of, or remotely (up to 15 feet apart) from the cylinder
  • The location of the panel can be easily changed