Lufft StaRWIS-UMB - Stationary Road Weather Information Sensor 固定遙感式氣象感測器
For stationary operations we further developed the innovation award-winning mobile road weather Sensor MARWIS - this is StaRWIS!

StaRWIS is the first non-invasive road weather sensor detecting road and runway surface conditions, surface temperatures, relative humidity, dew point temperatures, ice percentages as well as friction non-invasively and based on innovative LED Technology with 4 lenses.

測量參數:路面狀況 (乾、潮、濕、冰、雪、大量積水), 路面溫度、環境溫度、水膜高度、露點溫度、相對濕度、含冰量、冰點溫度、摩擦係數 (需計算)

Parameters measured: Road condition (dry, moist, wet, ice, snow, slush, chemically wet), road surface temperature, water film height, dew point temperature, relative humidity, ice percentage, friction (calculated)

- 對路面和高速公路道路維護管理人員提供重要資訊
- 對跑道除冰提供重要資訊(提升效率)
- IDS(冰探測系統)是形成跑道狀態碼、水膜高度和機場摩擦器的重要組成要素
- 用於天氣數據收集和天氣預報模型改善
- 智慧城市應用
Advantages of the stationary non-invasive road sensor StaRWIS
  • No moving parts due to award-winning and innovative LED Technology
  • Non-invasive measurement principle
  • Data transfer via Bluetooth, RS485 or CAN-Bus
  • Mulifunctionality
  • Measurements both on the ground and in the ambient air
  • Easy to install and to clean
Measurement technology: Optical LED transmitters, photo receivers, pyrometer, infrared
Product highlights: non-invasive, plug and play, 100 measurement per second, multifunctional, wireless data transfer, no moving parts
Interfaces: Bluetooth, RS485, CAN-Bus, UMB - protocol
Article number: 8711.U55
Examples of use of the stationary non-invasive road sensor StaRWIS
  • Decision support for winter maintenance operators on roads, motorways, highways (municipalities, federal states and provinces)
  • Decision support for the de-icing of runways (higher efficiency)
  • As important part of the IDS (Ice Detection System) in form of a RCC (Runway Condition Code), water film height (aqua-planning risk) and friction detector on airports (digital alternative to mechanic grip testers)
  • For smart city applications
  • For weather data collection and weather forecast model improvements
型錄下載 Brochure - Lufft - MARWIS (EN)  Download, 2.21 MB
LUFFT精密工藝於全球相關氣象監測領域廣為人知,高度利用的智能氣象感測器遍布於全球的公路,鐵路和機場。 氣象服務、環保機構、能源供應商和建築設備製造商對於Lufft精確而持久的品質給予好評。
品質和精確度為Lufft的首要目標。自1995年以來,Lufft持續符合遵循國際公認標準ISO 9001要求認證之品質管理體系。
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