Lufft Visibility Sensor VS20k-UMB 能見度感測器
New product version of the known Lufft VS20 visibility sensor with a measurement range of 10...20'000m, easy calibration functionality, sea waterproof housing and (active) spider defense

The VS20k visibility sensor measures visibility up to 20'000 m, ideal for road traffic applications on motorways, highways or bridges. A calibration device is available (optional)
 道路交通天氣監測
 機場、沿海地區天氣監測
 風機控制

The VS20k-UMB is configured via the software UMB Config Tool:Reading / Changing of the current configuration, calibration, polling of the current measurement values, the software allows configurations to be loaded and stored.

The measurement data is available for further processing in the form of the standard protocol Lufft UMB.

ASD = Active Spider Defense: The built-in vibrating motor ensures at irregular intervals that the VS2k visibility sensor is not so prone to spiders. The construction of VS2k also reduces the frequency of maintenance.

堅固耐用的能見度傳感器專為在所有氣候區(陸上和海上)之專業氣象應用而設計。 即使在極端的環境條件下,也可提供可靠的數據。
Parameters measured: Visibility (measuring range 10 ... 20'000 m)
Measurement technology: 45° forward light scattering
Product highlights: suitable for extreme ambient conditions, active spider defense, seawater resistant, compatible interfaces
Interfaces: RS-485, analogue output
Article number: 8366.U90
  • First and only visibility sensor with active spider defense
  • Measurement range of 10 … 20'000m, ideal for traffic applications
  • Easy and smart calibration thanks to a calibration kit (optional)
  • Forward light scattering technique
  • Long life time thanks to sea waterproof housing
  • Open and free to use communication protocol for easy integration in existing systems
The robust and sea water proved visibility sensor is designed for professional meteorological applications in all climate zones, onshore as well as offshore. It delivers reliable data, even in extreme ambient conditions.
Examples of Use:
  • Road Weather Information Systems for road and traffic control systems
  • Weather stations at marinas, onboard ships, and transportation
  • Wind turbine control
LUFFT精密工藝於全球相關氣象監測領域廣為人知,高度利用的智能氣象感測器遍布於全球的公路,鐵路和機場。 氣象服務、環保機構、能源供應商和建築設備製造商對於Lufft精確而持久的品質給予好評。
品質和精確度為Lufft的首要目標。自1995年以來,Lufft持續符合遵循國際公認標準ISO 9001要求認證之品質管理體系。
Lufft: A part of the OTT HydroMet Group.  OTT HydroMet Group為Danaher集團旗下水平台之運營公司.