OTT Pluvio² Weighing Rain Gauge 稱重法雨量計
All-weather, high accuracy rain gauge for continuous data collection 全天候,高準確度雨量計,可連續收集數據

The OTT Pluvio² is an all-weather precipitation gauge that uses superior weight-based technology to measure the amount and intensity of rain, snow, and hail. Developed in conjunction with industry-leading meteorological services, the OTT Pluvio² employs a high-precision load cell and algorithms that compensate for wind, temperature, and evaporation, ensuring the highest accuracy precipitation measurements over time.
OTT Pluvio² 全天候降雨量計,使用基於重量的技術來測量雨、雪和冰雹的數量和強度。透過與業界領先之氣象服務結合開發,OTT Pluvio² 採用高準確度的稱重感測器和可補償風力、溫度和蒸發量的算法,可確保最高準確度的降雨量測量。

- Precipitation Measurement: Continuous, real-time measurement of rain, snow, hail, and sleet in all monitoring environments, even remote environments without power supply 降水測量:在所有監控環境中,甚至在沒有電源的偏遠環境中,連續,即時地測量雨,雪,冰雹和雨夾雪

- Monitoring Road Conditions: precipitation amount and composition are combined with general visibility measurements to provide an accurate picture of road conditions 監控道路狀況:將降水量和成分與一般能見度測量結合,以提供道路狀況的準確圖片

- Early Flood Warning: when combined with water level sensors, the Pluvio2 is the central component in an early flood warning system 早期洪水預警:與水位感測器結合使用時,Pluvio2是早期洪水預警系統的核心元件

- 符合WMO No.8雨量測量標準
- 可測量固態、液態以及固液混合降水
- 即時雨強範圍高達1800 mm/h
Parameters measured: Cumulative precipitation, precipitation intensity, bucket content in real time and non real time
Measurement technology: Weighing principle
Product Highlights: All-weather precipitation gauge without moving parts according to WMO guide line No. 8
Interface: SDI-12 / RS-485, pulse
Accurate measurement: precipitation accuracy within 0.004 inches with accumulation and intensity readings and filter algorithms to compensate for wind, temperature, and evaporation
Virtually maintenance-free operation: lifetime factory calibration, drift-free measurements, and robust protective housing eliminate field visits for instrument service
Multiple communication interfaces: SDI-12, RS-485, and Pulse Output options
Solar panel power options make the instrument ideal for remote locations
Easy software setup and a USB interface for communication with computer
Wind protection shield available for particularly exposed locations
Heated ring option available to prevent the accumulation of snow on the sensor
Easy installation onto 4" pipes
Types of precipitation liquid, solid, and mixed
Collecting area 200 cm² and 400 cm²
Collection volume 1500 mm/m² and 750 mm/m²
Measuring range 200 cm²  
Intensity RT / measuring interval 1 minute 12.00 ... 1800.00 mm/h, 0.20 ... 30 mm/min
Amount RT/NRT, amount NRT, amount total NRT 0.10 ... 500.00 mm
Bucket content, RT and NRT 20.00 ... 1600.00 mm
Measuring range 400 cm²  
Intensity RT / measuring interval 1 minute 6.00 ...1800.00 mm/h, 0.10 ... 30 mm/min
Amount RT/NRT, amount NRT, amount total NRT 0.10 ... 500.00 mm
Bucket content, RT and NRT 20.00 ... 850.00 mm