Proven, validated drinking water UV treatment for small communities 適用於小型社區之經過驗證的飲用水紫外線消毒處理

Drinking Water Confidence for Small Communities

The TrojanUVSwift®SC is designed to treat flow rates of 20 gallons per minute (GPM) to 16 million gallons per day (MGD) or 4.5 to 2,525 m3/hr. These compact UV systems offer communities an economical solution for drinking water treatment. Trojan UV Swift® SC 適用於處理 20 加侖/分鐘 (GPM) 至 1600 萬加侖/天 (MGD) 或 4.5 至 2,525 立方米/小時的流量。精實型紫外線消毒系統為社區提供有效的飲用水處理解決方案.

The TrojanUVSwift®SC has been validated through microbial testing. Through this testing, performance data has been generated for UV dose delivery to disinfect pathogens Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and Adenovirus. Trojan UV Swift® SC 通過微生物測試驗證。以紫外線消毒病原體隱孢子蟲、賈第蟲和腺病毒。
Key Features and Benefits
Installation Flexibility
The compact chamber can be installed vertically or horizontally, and its low head loss design simplifies integration into existing processes while minimizing the need for additional pumps. Lamps and sleeves are serviceable from one side, allowing the system to be installed tight to walls, equipment, or in restrictive pipe galleries.
Energy-efficient Lamp Technology
High-efficiency electronic lamp drivers ensure cost-effective operation. D-Series chambers can be equipped with optional dose pacing that adjusts lamp output to match dose to actual performance requirements – minimizing operating costs and extending lamp life.
Simplified Maintenance
Routine maintenance procedures, including lamp change-outs and sensor calibration checks, are simple and require minimal time. Plus, the optional automatic wiping system minimizes quartz sleeve fouling and operates without disrupting operation.
Intuitive Controls
A microprocessor-based controller combines extensive functionality with an operator-friendly digital interface. Operators get at-a-glance, real-time system status information, and programmable digital and analog I/O capabilities allow remote on/off control and alarm code differentiation for fast identification of changes in system status.
System Specifications