HACH荷蘭參與國際水資源技術展覽年度盛會 2023 Aquatech (11/6~9於阿姆斯特丹) - 展示水質分析創新方案,並分享廢污水線上即時監控新技術
 Aquatech Amsterdam 2023, 6-9 November, RAI Amsterdam
HACH荷蘭參與國際水資源技術展覽年度盛會 2023 Aquatech (11/6~9於阿姆斯特丹) - 展示水質分析創新方案並於Wastewater & Resources World單元主講介紹Hach: Measurement & Control Software on a single platform with Hach's Real Time Control on SC4500
We are pleased to announce that Hach will be participating again this year at Aquatech Amsterdam, the world's leading trade fair for process, drinking and wastewater. We would like to invite you to visit us at booth 07.516.
Hach has been providing water analysis solutions for more than 85 years, but we continue to work on new developments and easy-to-use solutions for the industrial and municipal water market.
At the fair we are with an AnaShell. This total solution in the form of an enclosure for equipment via system integration helps you to find a safe workplace so that your equipment lasts for years longer.
In addition, we will show our new H2S sensor: GS1440. This sensor can measure both in liquid and in the gas phase H2S.
By measuring accurate H2S concentrations in your water streams, you increase safety on site and can save costs with more accurate chemical dosing.
In addition, get to know our product specialists, who will be happy to discuss your questions or projects to help you with all your water analysis issues.
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