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Hydrolab 新型多參數水質監測儀 HL7系列 協助您於多樣環境下進行長期連續水文觀測
水文觀測系統與水位計品牌 – 德國OTT Hydromet
Hach所屬集團水平台旗下成員德國OTT Hydromet公司為歐洲知名水文觀測系統製造商,創立於1873年,擁有超過140年的悠久歷史,為客戶提供從感測器到資料獲取裝置和資料通訊方案的完整解決方案。產品方案包括水位計、地下水分析儀、可擕式水質監測儀、都普勒流量計、小型氣象監測站等。
OTT  Hydromet水文觀測系統協助您對自然界水體的水質、水文、氣象等要素進行監測並提供穩定可靠的資料支援,進而達到水質預警、氣象觀測與預報、河流治理及防洪減災,為人們的生活提供多一分安全保障。
HYDROLAB water quality instruments and software help environmental scientists and managers monitor the increasingly important changes in our water resources by providing continuous water quality data, reliability, and usability you can trust.
The new HL7 multiparameter sonde maximizes deployment life, minimizes maintenance, and provides unmatched ease of use producing comprehensive and valuable data sets supported by metadata.
HYDROLAB sondes include intuitive software for unmatched usability, exceptional power performance and proven sensor options, all delivering high data quality and reliability.  
Hydrolab 多參數水質監測儀是新型多參數、廣泛量程的線上水質監測儀器,可用於地表水、地下水、水源水、飲用水、污水排放口、海洋等不同水體的線上及攜帶式水質監測。相較於一般簡易參數水質監測儀,Hydrolab 線上水質監測儀包括了更多參數:溫度導電度pH / ORPHach LDO (螢光溶氧)濁度深度葉綠素a藍綠藻羅丹明銨(離子選擇電極)硝酸鹽(離子選擇電極)氯化物(離子選擇電極)。
Designed for long-term continuous monitoring, reliability, and usability
  • Up to nine sensor options, including central cleaning brush for prolong deployments  多達九種參數感測器選件,包括用於延長部署時間的中央清潔刷
  • External or battery powered with typical battery life of more than 90 days  外部或電池供電,典型電池壽命超過 90 天
Lightweight, portable and flexible, perfectly suited for spot monitoring and short term studies  輕巧可攜式靈活,適合現場監測和短期研究
  • Up to six sensor options, including temperature  多達六種參數感測器選件,包括溫度
  • Compact size easy to carry and fit inside 2” wells / pipes  較小型的尺寸設計,方便攜帶,可放入2英寸的井/管道內
HL7 Video
HL4 Video
HL Series Brochure
This powerful software tool helps to make better decisions, minimize errors, and increases efficiency in the lab and on the deployment site.  Hydrolab軟體功能完整協助您做出更好的決策,減少錯誤,並提高實驗室和部署站點的效率
  • Quickly view the current status of the instrument and ensure its working properly  快速查看儀器的目前狀態以確保正常運作
  • Maximize uptime with streamlined calibration tasks  精簡的校正功能讓正常運行時間達到最佳化
  • Plot current and historic data with multiple graphics and table formats options  使用多種圖形和表格選項繪製目前和歷史數據
HL Sensors
Proven sensor technology
Sensor options: Temperature, Conductivity, pH/ORP, Hach LDO (Luminescent dissolved oxygen), Turbidity, Depth, Chlorophyll a, Blue green algae, Rhodamine, Ammonium (Ion Selective Electrode),  Nitrate (Ion Selective Electrode), Chloride (Ion Selective Electrode)
感測器選項:溫度,導電度,pH / ORP,Hach LDO(螢光溶氧),濁度,深度,葉綠素a,藍綠藻,羅丹明,銨(離子選擇電極),硝酸鹽(離子選擇電極),氯化物(離子選擇電極)
Water Quality Monitoring Instruments for:
  • Lake and Reservoir profiling
  • River and Stream surveys
  • Coastal monitoring
  • Groundwater studies
  • Wetland management
  • Harbor and Port investigations
  • Aquaculture protection
  • Dredging management
  • Effluent discharge regulation
  • Agricultural run-off
  • Ecosystem assessment programs
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