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HACH所屬集團水平台 Sea-bird Scientific 公司 SBE 32 Carousel Water Sampler海水水質採樣器 - 即時CTD(海水鹽度溫度深度分析儀)數據採集
SBE 32 Carousel Water Sampler 海水水質採樣器
SBE 32 Carousel系列水質採樣器廣泛部署於全球海域,並獲可靠度和使用簡易度方面之聲譽。藉由甲板裝置,Carousel系列可透過任何Sea-Bird CTD鹽溫深儀(需要配備機電電纜和滑環絞盤)提供水質採樣和即時CTD(鹽溫深儀)數據採集。藉由水下裝置,Carousel系列可與Sea-Bird CTD自主運行,並可進行程式編碼在選定的深度來關閉瓶子,進而使用非電纜或電線進行部署。
•適用於12或24瓶採樣器系統的全尺寸SBE 32(客製化36瓶)。
•密實型SBE 32C : 適用於12瓶的採樣器,採樣器最大容量為8升,垂直間隙有限。
•超小型SBE 32SC : 適用於附1.7或2.5升的12瓶採樣器,小型但功能齊全的系統,適合於小船上操作。
The SBE 32 Pylon encompasses the electronics and latch mechanism used for firing bottles. It is installed within the SBE 32 Carousel Frame.
The SBE 32 Carousel Water Sampler has been extensively deployed throughout the world’s oceans, where it has built a reputation for reliability and ease of use. With an accessory Deck Unit, the Carousel provides water sampling and real-time CTD data acquisition with any Sea-Bird profiling CTD (requires electro-mechanical cable and slip-ring equipped winch). With an accessory underwater unit, the Carousel can operate autonomously with a Sea-Bird profiling CTD and can be programmed to close bottles at selected depths, allowing deployment using non-electrical wire or line.
The Carousel is available in three models:
• Full-size SBE 32 for a 12 or 24-position system (36-position custom).
• Compact SBE 32C for a 12-position sampler with bottles up to 8 liters, for use with limited vertical clearance.
• Sub-Compact SBE 32SC for a 12-position sampler with 1.7 or 2.5-liter bottles, providing a small but full-featured system suited to operation from small boats. (SBE 9plus CTD not compatible with SBE 32SC).
• 12, 24, or 36 bottles ranging from 1.7 to 30 liters.
• Easy integration with any Sea-Bird profiling CTD.
• Autonomous (pre-programmed) or real-time data acquisition and water sampling; bottle firing in any order.
• Depths to 6800 m (aluminum) or 7000 m (titanium).
• Seasoft© V2 Windows software package (setup, data upload, real-time data acquisition and keyboard control of bottle firing, data processing).
• Five-year limited warranty.
About Sea-Bird Scientific
美國Sea-bird Scientific海鳥科學公司成立於1974 年,為技術領先之海洋CTD(鹽溫深儀)產品製造商,產品測量參數包括 : 海水鹽度,溫度,壓力,溶氧,螢光,營養鹽和相關海洋參數。客戶涵蓋全球研究機構,海洋觀測計劃,國家和地方政府機構,石油公司,工程公司,環境諮詢公司以及全球的海軍。我們的產品大量應用於許多關鍵海洋環境研究和海水監測工作中,這些研究包括從確定海洋在氣候變化中的作用,氣候變化的相關影響,到監測重大事件(如漏油和海嘯)對環境的影響等主題。
Sea-Bird Scientific is the world’s largest developer and manufacturer of products for the measurement of salinity, temperature, pressure, dissolved oxygen, fluorescence, nutrients and related oceanographic parameters in marine waters. These tools are used around the world by ocean researchers, resource managers, and key industries engaged in offshore exploration and ocean resource utilization. Our customers include research institutes, ocean observing programs, national and local government agencies, oil companies, engineering firms, environmental consulting businesses, and navies throughout the world. Our products are used in numerous critical environmental research and monitoring efforts that are deeply tied to our modern world. These studies include topics ranging from determining the ocean’s role in, and the associated impact from, climate changes, to the monitoring of environmental impacts of major episodic events such as oil spills and tsunamis.
As part of our commitment to advancing the science of ocean measurement, we are deeply invested in engineering, metrology, calibration, software development, scientific analysis, and other essential technologies that make our products more accurate, reliable, and broadly useful.
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