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Hach成為全球知名(荷蘭Royal HaskoningDHV) NEREDA® 廢水處理設備之首選供應商
國際工程顧問公司 Royal HaskoningDHV 將與 Hach 公司合作,透過 Hach 分析儀器以認證測試 Nereda® 技術處理的水質。作為協議的一部分,雙方將在開發和創新方面進行合作,進一步提高 Hach 儀器對 Nereda® 特定條件的適用性,並有助於持續改進 Nereda® 技術之效能。
兩家公司簽署協議。作為 Nereda® 首選之供應商,Hach 將提供由其創新的 Prognosys® 預測診斷系統所支持的準確可靠水質分析解決方案。Royal HaskoningDHV 將透過提供技術知識,效能數據和訪問其 Nereda® 開發和創新設施來積極支持此過程。


April 26, 2017
International engineering consultancy Royal HaskoningDHV will collaborate with Hach Company to have its analytical instrumentation certified to test the quality of water treated with the Nereda® technology. As part of the agreement, the companies will collaborate in development and innovation to further improve the applicability of Hach instrumentation to Nereda-specific conditions and to contribute to the continuous improvement of the performance of the Nereda technology.
An agreement has been signed between the two companies. As a Nereda-preferred supplier, Hach will deliver accurate and reliable analytics solutions supported by their innovative Prognosys® predictive diagnostic system. Royal HaskoningDHV will actively support this process by providing technical know-how, performance data and access to its Nereda development and innovation facilities.
Kevin Klau, President Hach: “As part of Hach’s mission to ensure water quality around the world, helping our customers achieve their goals with reliable, easy-to-use solutions is part of our daily life. The collaboration with Royal HaskoningDHV aligns with our goal to improve customer decision making, resulting in increased confidence in compliance, decreased costs, and improved efficiency.”
Darin Stell, Hach’s Global Vice President Sales, adds: “Ten years ago our Dutch office carried out the pilot test and demonstrated that Hach equipment is suitable to control the Nereda process. As result of this Hach has provided instrumentation equipment for many Nereda processes running in the world so far. We are very excited about continuing and expanding our good relationship with Royal HaskoningDHV.”
René Noppeney, Global Director Water Technology Products & Innovation by Royal HaskoningDHV: “Our agreement with Hach represents the next stage in Nereda’s development. The Nereda technology has unique selling points in terms of its footprint, its energy efficiency, sustainability and ease of operation. This agreement demonstrates a significant step towards ensuring the instrumentation and analytics are also second to none. I am very pleased that Hach has decided to become a preferred supplier.”
This is a joint press release by Hach and Royal HaskoningDHV.