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超高量程水中氨氮預製檢測試劑 Ammonia TNTplus vial test, UHR (47-130 mg/L NH3-N)
超高量程氨氮預製檢測試劑TNT833適用於污水、化工、食品產業客戶,並支援DR3900, DR6000, DR1900, DR2800, DR3800 及 DR5000等設備上應用,使用之前需更新軟體。

Expert Ultra High Range Ammonia Test Made Simple

快速, 簡易, 安全, 方便識別之條碼瓶身 專業貼心設計
Ammonia Nitrogen TNTplus™ chemistry and your Hach spectrophotometer are engineered to simplify water analysis for accurate results, everytime.

超高量程氨氮預製檢測試劑TNT833量程範圍為47~130 mg/L(TNTplus™氨氮試劑測量範圍0.015 ~ 130 mg/L)以黃色標籤進行對比標識。

關鍵字 : 水 氨氮濃度 測定, 氨氮測試, 水 氨氮濃度 分析
創新瓶身設計 條碼與RFID顯示大幅降低人為錯誤機率
Reduce Errors with Bar-coded Vials and RFID
A unique barcode label on each Hach TNTplus Vial Chemistry is automatically read by the spectrophotometer when used with Hach’s DR6000™ UV-VIS Spectrophotometer or DR3900™ Benchtop Spectrophotometer to identify the appropriate method and take the measurement. While increasing ease-of-use and speed of analysis, errors are significantly reduced. In addition, the user will receive a notification if shelf life of a TNTplus test has been expired. The RFID tag on each TNTplus box contains the lot specific Certificate of Analysis which can be read out with the DR6000™ or DR3900™ spectrophotometer.
No Reagent Blank Necessary
The high quality of TNTplus vials, tight reagent production controls, 10-fold absorbance readings averaged for results determination, instrument calibration verification, and high instrument stability all combine to eliminate the need to run reagent blanks - saving you time and money!
Innovative Vial and Reagent Delivery
TNTplus vials use innovative Dosicaps that are easier to use than powder pillows or liquid reagents. There’s no risk of spillage, no safety risk, or risk of contamination with DosiCaps because the reagents are completely contained within the vial cap. The glassware used assures the best precision and the vials have a flat bottom so they can stand on their own.
Helpful Package Design
Packages of TNTplus vials are color-coded for fast and easy parameter and range recognition for the exact test you need. Step-by-step illustrated test methods are printed on the box for quick reference.
EPA compliant 美國EPA規範:Yes
Instrument 搭配儀器:DR3900, DR6000, DR1900, DR2800, DR3800, DR5000
Method 檢測方法:10205
Method Name 檢測名稱:Salicylate
Number of tests:25
Platform :TNT plus™
Range :47 to 130 mg/L NH3-N
Methods/Procedures Language Size Date Edition
Nitrogen, Ammonia, Salicylate Method 10277, TNTplus 833 
English US 246 KB 2015-10 Ed 1
Ultra Low Range 氨氮
0.015 to 2.000 mg/L
廢水污水, 飲用水
Low Range 氨氮
1 to 12 mg/L
High Range 氨氮
2 to 47 mg/L
廢水污水, 化學, 食品
Ultra High Range 氨氮
47 to 130 mg/L
廢水污水, 化學, 食品