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電磁流量流速計感測器 EM950 Sensor for FH950 Handheld Flow Meter


The EM950 Sensor is designed to work specifically with the Hach FH950 Handheld Flow Meter. The EM950 Sensor captures flow velocity using electromagnetic technology and an optional pressure transducer can be added to automatically capture depth readings as well. With no moving parts, this intelligent sensor requires no mechanical maintenance and easily takes reliable measurements even at low velocities and in both clean and dirty water.

The FH95's sensor easily monitors turbulent, noisy and low velocity applications.
Paired with the FH950 Handheld Flow Meter, the EM950 is a highly efficient way to profile rivers and streams, verify wastewater flow data, or identify ideal metering locations for wastewater flow monitoring.
The FH950's electromagnetic velocity sensor with 6.5' cable has no moving parts and never requires maintenance, making it one of the lowest maintenance solutions on the market. Turbulent, noisy and low velocities are easily metered. When the sensor is placed in flowing water, its magnetic field creates a voltage that is sensed by electrodes embedded in the sensor. The voltage amplitude, proportional to the water velocity flowing around the sensor, is electronically processed by the smart sensor's microprocessor and is digitally transmitted through the cable to the portable meter display. Portable hand-held meter sold separately.
Type Language Size Date Edition
Hach FH950 Portable Velocity Flow Meter with Electromagnetic Flow Sensor Data Sheet 
English US 460 KB 2016-03 Rev 6
Manuals Type Language Size Date Edition
Basic User Manual: FH950 
  English US, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese 2 MB 2018-06 May18 Ed5
FH950 Adjustable Meter Mount User Instructions 
  English US 310 KB 2012-04 Ed 1
FH950 Sensor Mount User Instructions 
  English US 258 KB 2012-05 Ed 2
Standard Wading Rod Instr, FH950 
  English US 326 KB 2012-02  
Topset Wading Rod User Instr, FH950 
  English US 210 KB 2012-02  
User Manual: FH950 
  English US 1 MB 2018-06 Apr18 Ed5