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超音波水中懸浮固體感測器與控制器 SONATAX sc Sensor with sc200 Controller (Sludge Level)

Sonatax sc 污泥面監測儀使用超音波原理,計算超音波傳回傳感器的時間,儀器可計算出污泥層的高度和厚度,有效地掌握污泥沉澱特性,對污泥的回流量進行精確的控制,讓操作人員對優化污泥迴圈量,補償廢水的日常波動,修正非正常狀態值,監測預濃縮池內的分離層做出適時評估

The digital ultrasonic probe Sonatax sc continuously measures the sludge level or the sludge height.

關鍵字: 懸浮固體分析, 汙泥介面, 污泥界面, Suspendid Solids分析, 懸浮固體 探頭
可連接 sc200水質數位通用控制平台,可同時連接2個獨立傳感器 
可連接 sc1000水質數位通用控制平台,可同時連接8個獨立傳感器
Optimize sludge extraction, manage recirculation, and be warned of potential solids washouts or process upset by continuously measuring the sludge blanket level.
The digitized probe eliminates interferences and comes with automatic temperature compensation and position sensor.
NOTE: For graphical display of sludge profile, the SONATAX sc probe must be connected to a sc1000 controller.
Reduced Maintenance with Innovative Wiper Design
The wiper functions with a magnetic connection and without a shaft so there are no o-rings to replace and no need to open the probe housing. Tools are not needed to replace the wiper blades.
Superior Accuracy with Automatic Frequency Adjustment
The SONATAX sc probe automatically scans a range of frequencies to find the ideal settings for the solids concentration for the application. Built-in software disregards signals reflected from tank structures such as pipes, rods, etc.
Performance reliability
The fully digitized SONATAX sc probe means there are no electromagnetic interferences. Instantly resume measurements after skimmer passes with the built-in position sensor that also compensates for angle when the probe is not mounted exactly vertically.
Temperature Compensation for Seasonal Changes
Automatic temperature compensation assures ultrasonic measurement is unaffected by seasonal changes in water temperature - seasonal calibration becomes unnecessary.
Visual performance indicator enhances troubleshooting
A visual performance LED indicator light on the SONATAX sc probe provides quick glance assurance of proper performance. Green light indicates "okay," red indicates warning. Troubleshooting, particularly in applications with multiple sludge blanket level probes connected to one controller, is quick and easy.
Sludge Level Method Range Reagent Set(s) USEPA Compliant?
  Ultrasonic Measurement 0.2 - 12 m (0.6-40 ft)    
Application Notes Language Size Date Edition
Control of drinking water clarifiers 
English UK 212 KB 2015-11 Sep 15
Sonatax sc, Process Analysis Primary Sludge Removal Practice Report 
English UK 2 MB 2010-05  
Datasheets/Brochures Language Size Date Edition
Complete Water Analysis for Chemical and Refining industry 
English UK 1 MB 2016-06 Mar16
Sonatax sc Sludge Blanket Level Probe Data Sheet 
English US 256 KB 2014-01 Rev 5