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複合式水中pH/ORP線上感測器 Combination pH/ORP Sensors
Hach pH/ORP電極特別適合嚴苛且需頻繁更換電極的應用環境, 搭配Hach sc200 或 sc1000數位水質控制平台協助您線上監測酸鹼度與氧化還原電位

These combination sensors are designed for specialty applications for immersion or in-line mounting. The reference cell features a double-junction design for extended service life, and a built-in solution ground. The body is molded from chemically-resistant Ryton® or PVDF, and the reference junction is coaxial porous Teflon®. All sensors are rated 0 to 105 ºC up to 100 psig, and have integral 4.5 m (15 ft.) cables with tinned leads.

The PC-series (for pH) and RCseries (for ORP) combination sensors are ideal for measuring mild and aggressive media.
Sensors with rugged dome electrodes, “easy-to-clean” flat glass electrodes, and even HF (hydrofluoric acid) resistant glass electrodes are available for a wide variety of process solutions.
The PC-series combination pH sensors come with or without a Pt 1000 Ohm RTD temperature element. The RC-series combination ORP sensors are supplied without a temperature element.
The Sensors are available in three mounting styles - convertible, insertion, and sanitary.
 Probe Type
 Body material
PC1R1A Convertible General purpose Ryton pH
RC1R5N Convertible Platinum Ryton ORP
PC1R2A Convertible Flat glass Ryton pH
PC1R1N Convertible General purpose Ryton pH
PC1R3A Convertible HF resistant Ryton pH
PC1R1A-V12 Convertible General purpose Ryton pH
PC2K1A Insertion General purpose PVDF pH
PC2K2A Insertion Flat glass PVDF pH
PC3K2A Sanitary Flat glass PVDF pH
PC1R2N Convertible Flat glass Ryton pH
RC1R5N-HF Convertible Platinum Ryton ORP
RC2K5N Insertion Platinum PVDF ORP
PC1R1A-STC Convertible General purpose Ryton pH
型錄 Type Language Size Date Edition
Digital 3/4-inch pH & ORP Sensor Kits Data Sheet 
  English US 598 KB 2010-10 Rev 1