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線上螢光水中溶氧感測器 Orbisphere K1100 LDO Oxygen sensor for in-line applications
The first maintenance-free optical oxygen sensor for power plants.

High accuracy Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen (LDO) Sensor optimised for power industry application.
The absence of membrane and electrolyte means that the sensor accuracy is unaffected by process changes such as changes in flow. Maintenance and operating costs are significantly reduced. The sensor has been designed to ensure mechanical robustness to extend operational lifetime and optimise its total cost of ownership.

The quick response time comes from the Orbisphere K1100 two second measurement frequency. Capable of measuring accurately at this frequency over a 12 month period. With no calibration required, the K1100 surpasses other optical and electrochemical sensors that display significant drift after only a few months in the same conditions. This optical sensor is designed for minimal drift, resulting in it being the most stable sensor with the longest calibration intervals achievable in the market. This is possible by its long-life spot and optimised controller software.

Maintenance intervention is limited to 2 minutes and a zero point calibration, offering significant cost benefits compared with traditional electrochemical sensors and other luminescent sensors. Using gas phase calibration means chemicals are not required, and therefore the task is easier and safer without reducing measurement precision.
One calibration per year
One zero point calibration per year is all that is needed with the K1100 sensor. Designed for minimal drift, luminescent technology makes the K1100 sensor the most stable sensor with the longest calibration interval in the industry.
No membranes = two minutes of maintenance
With no membranes to replace and no electrolyte solution to replenish, the K1100 requires only two minutes of maintenance per year. Corrosive or hazardous chemicals are not required, making the annual task faster, easier and safer without reducing measurement precision.
Low cost retrofit
The complete system consists of a 410 Controller, a flow chamber, and the K1100 Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Sensor. The sensor is compatible with Hach Orbisphere 28 mm flow chambers, eliminating the need for engineering changes. Installation is fast and easy and does not require special preparation.
A new level of confidence
The K1100 optical sensor is the first to use luminescent measurement technology to measure both ppb and ppm oxygen levels in power plants. Since 1978, Hach Orbisphere sensors have set the industry standard for oxygen measurement by delivering confidence to every water chemistry manager. The K1100 maintains this tradition and offers significant operating and cost benefits.
Oxygen Method Range Reagent Set(s) USEPA Compliant?
  Trace DO (Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen) 0 - 20,000 ppb O2    
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