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線上電磁式導電度酸鹼濃度感測器 Convertible Mounting Style Inductive, Electrodeless Conductivity Sensor with PFA Body Material
堅固、無污染設計的3700系列電磁式sensor 適用於金屬表面處理,採礦,化工及精煉,食品飲料紙漿造紙,紡織品製造,淨水處理,廢水處理等


PFA, Convertible Mounting Style, 6m (20 ft) Analog Cable, Electrodeless Conductivity Sensor 標準的20英尺一體化電纜

- Wide Measuring Range 廣泛量測範圍
- Low Maintenance Design 低維護量
- Versatile Mounting Styles 多種安裝模式可供選擇
- Principal of Operation
- Withstands Harsh Environments

搭配 sc200 或 sc1000 Digital Controller 控制器
Conductivity Method Range Reagent Set(s) USEPA Compliant?
  Process Conductivity 0.02 - 2,000 mS/cm    
Wide Measuring Range
Hach’s Inductive Conductivity Sensors measure 200 up to 2,000,000 microSiemens/cm. A built-in Pt 1000 RTD compensates the measured conductivity for changes in process temperature.
Low Maintenance Design
The inductive sensor design eliminates polarization and electrode coating problems that commonly affect conventional contacting electrode-type conductivity sensors.
Versatile Mounting Styles
Sensors can be installed using a choice of four mounting styles—immersion, insertion, union, and sanitary.
Principal of Operation
Inductive conductivity sensors induce a low current in a closed loop of solution, then measure the magnitude of this current to determine the solution’s conductivity. The conductivity analyzer drives Toroid A, inducing an alternating current in the solution. This current signal flows in a closed loop through the sensor bore and surrounding solution. Toroid B senses the magnitude of the induced current which is proportional to the conductance of the solution. The analyzer processes this signal and displays the corresponding reading.
Withstands Harsh Environments
The inductive sensor is available in sanitary (CIP) flange style and convertible styles in PFA®, polypropylene, PEEK®, and PVDF material. Select sensors can withstand high pressures and temperatures.
Manuals Type Language Size Date Edition
Basic User Manual: Inductive Conductivity Sensor 
  English US, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean 2 MB 2018-03 Aug14 Ed2