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Orbisphere 線上電化學溶氧感測器 GA2800 ATEX 系列 Oxygen Sensor (EC), Hastelloy, 100 bar, Kalrez O-rings
The Orbisphere GA2800 EX oxygen (O₂) Electrochemical (EC) sensor is designed for process monitoring as well as laboratory analysis in the liquid or gas phases across.

With its large measuring possibilities the Orbisphere GA2800 EX防爆認證 O₂ EC-sensor can be used for a wide range of harsh environments from chemical or oil to petrochemical plants where oxygen measurement is critical. 具廣泛的測量可能性,可應用於化學,石化等嚴酷環境。

A small residual signal with unrivalled accuracy (±0.1 ppb) is made possible by the exclusive sensor design. Different pre-mounted membrane kits are available to fulfill any particular process requirements and O₂ measurement ranges required.

The GA2800 EX O₂ electrochemical sensor is mechanically resistant to pressure up to 100 bar due to Hastelloy(哈氏合金) material and Kalrez O-rings.

Range at 25 °C (77 °F)
2935A-A: 10 ppb - 400 ppm or 20 Pa - 1,000 kPa
2952A-A: 1 ppb - 80 ppm or 5 Pa - 200 kPa
2956A-A: 0.1 ppb - 20 ppm or 0.25 Pa - 50 kPa
29552A-A: 2 ppb - 80 ppm or 5 Pa - 200 kPa

須搭配控制器 Orbisphere 510 Oxygen Controllers
Highly accurate and customisable oxygen measurement for all environments
Easy and fast maintenance
Traditional cleaning processes can take more than thirty minutes to complete. The GA2400 and GA2800 EX come with an innovative cartridge system that contains everything needed to complete membrane and electrolyte solution change in less than 5 minutes.
Low level oxygen measurement and unrivaled accuracy
The Hach Orbisphere GA2400 and GA2800 EX utilise an electrochemical oxygen sensor with a lower detection level of 0.1 ppb and unrivaled highly accurate readings of ±1%. This feature allows users to ensure control of low oxygen levels, for product and equipment integrity and avoiding corrosion.
Robust for harsh environments
The robust stainless steel or Hastelloy design makes the GA2400 and GA2800 EX sensor ideal for the most demanding applications. ATEX certification comes standard in all GA2800 units, making the sensor especially suitable for harsh chemical environments.
Application Notes Language Size Date Edition
Dissolved Oxygen and Hydrogen Analysis in Reactor Coolant Systems: Orbisphere 510 with Channel Compensation
English US 82 KB 2015-09 Rev 3
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Hach Orbisphere GA2400/GA2800 Oxygen Sensors
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Basic User Manual: Orbisphere Model GA2X00
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User Manual: Orbisphere Model GA2X00
English UK 6 MB 2019-06 May19 Ed1

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