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首頁 儀器與試劑 線上自動監測儀 硬度/鹼度監測 EZ5006 Total Hardness / Total Calcium Hardness + Total / Free Alkalinity Analyzer, 1 stream, Modbus RS485
EZ5006 Total Hardness / Total Calcium Hardness + Total / Free Alkalinity Analyzer, 1 stream, Modbus RS485
線上自動滴定監測水中總硬度/鈣硬度 + 總鹼度/游離鹼
Online, automatic titration of Total Hardness + Calcium Hardness + Total / Free Alkalinity in water monitoring applications

EZ5000 Series Analyzers are multi-parameter titrators that achieve excellent precision and accuracy. Depending on the parameter of interest, the measuring range and the water matrix the EZ5000 Series may use either potentiometry i.e. acid-base, redox or precipitation titration, where the endpoint is determined by a change in a specific variable, or photocolorimetry, where colour change is used to determine the endpoint of the titration. The high precision dispenser for addition, robust peristaltic pumps for sampling and drain, and carefully designed liquid pathways all add up to the highest performance for industrial and environmental analysis needs.

EZ系列鹼度和硬度分析儀採用人體工學原理設計,佔地面積小。 由整合工業平板電腦控制所有硬體。 模組化結構滿足您的水質監測應用和運作需求。
• 標準測量範圍可透過不同的校正範圍來縮小,也可透過內部稀釋選項來擴展
• 類比和數位輸出選項
• 多達8個水樣流的多流分析(Optional)

測試方法 Measurement Method:
Acid-base titration (alkalinity only); Calgamite EDTA titration with LED dipping probe (combined)

測試量程 Range:
Total Hardness/Total Calcium Hardness: 25 - 1000 mg/L CaCO3
Total/Free Alkalinity: 100 - 5000 mg/L CaCO3

TH/THCa: 10 - 100 mg/L CaCO3
Total/Free Alkalinity: 10 - 500 mg/L CaCO3

TH/THCa: 10 - 250 mg/L CaCO3
Total/Free Alkalinity: 25 - 1250 mg/L CaCO3

TH/THCa: 25 - 500 mg/L CaCO3
Total/Free Alkalinity: 50 - 2500 mg/L CaCO3

認證 Certifications: CE compliant / UL certified
Results you can rely on
Smart automatic features for validation, priming and cleaning are embedded in the controller software and contribute to analytical performance, maximised uptime and negligible operator invervention. Sample lines and analysis vessel are cleaned with demineralized water to eliminate cross contamination between samples. Electronic and wet-chemical part of the analyser are strictly separated. A transparent door allows for instant visual inspection of the wet part.
Flexibility that meets your needs
EZ Series Alkalinity and Hardness Analyzers come in an attractive, ergonomic mainframe with a compact footprint. All hardware is controlled by the integrated industrial panel PC. The modular build allows for the analyzer to match your application and operational needs.
• The standard measuring range can be narrowed by a different calibration range or extended via internal dilution options.
• Analog and digital output options
• Multiple stream analysis for up to 8 sample streams
There are many additional options available. Please contact Hach for more details.
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