COD2 Digestion Vials, LR, Mercury-free, pk/25 低量程化學需氧量消解試劑(不含汞)
For low range, mercury-free Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) determinations.

COD2 Digestion Vials,

Method: Reactor Digestion

Range: 0-150 mg/L COD.

Pack of 25 vials.

搭配 Hach 分光光度計使用

關鍵字 : 環保 不含水銀 COD 試劑
COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) Method Range Instr, Test Kit, etc USEPA Compliant?
  8000 DR800 LR, MR, HR 0 - 150 mg/L COD   Y
  8000 Reactor Digestion 3 - 150 mg/L   Y
Methods/Procedures Language Size Date Edition
Oxygen Demand, Chemical- LR, MR, HR, Method 8000, DR/800
DR/800 Method 8000
English US 122 KB 2009-02 Ed 9
Oxygen Demand, Chemical-Reactor Digestion COD Method 8000 ULR, LR, HR, HR plus+
English US 362 KB 2014-01 Ed 10

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