Stablcal® Turbidity Standards Calibration Kit, 0 - 7500 NTU, Sealed Vials 濁度標準液
搭配以下系列分光光度計使用 Stablcal® Standards Calibration Kit, for 2100AN, 2100AN IS, TL2350 and TL2360 IS Laboratory Turbidimeters.

Stablcal® Stabilized Formazin Turbidity Standards are true Formazin dilutions developed for use in any turbidimeter.

Kit includes sealed vials of <0.1, 20, 200, 1000, 4000 NTU and 7500 NTU standard.

關鍵字 : Hach 濁度計 標準品, 濁度計 校正標準液
Precise, Pre-mixed Formazin Solutions
With proprietary manufacturing technology, Hach prepares Stablcal Standards in precise concentrations at a wide variety of concentrations - providing accurate turbidimeter calibrations.
Based on Formazin Primary Standards
Stablcal Stabilized Formazin Standards contain the same light scattering polymer as traditional Formazin primary turbidity standards - and perform equivalently.
Enhanced Stability Saves Time and Labor
While Formazin primary standards can be prepared directly in the lab, the process is labor intensive and time consuming - and the diluted standards are not stable. Stablcal is a stabilized version of Formazin - providing repeatable results, without the time and effort required for lab-prepared standards.
Confidence in results
Hach was the first to apply Formazin as a turbidity standard in the drinking water industry, more than 40 years ago. Stablcal standards are based on decades of experience in turbidity measurement.
Turbidity Method Range Instr, Test Kit, etc USEPA Compliant?
  180.1 USEPA Method 0 - 10,000 NTU