UVAS Plus sc, 2 mm path length with automatic cleaning (紫外線吸收法)水中有機物感測器(自清潔功能)
Reagentless online measurement of dissolved Organic Matter
線上自動監測水中溶解有機物 - 無須試劑的感測系統

Continuous UV 254 Absorbance/Transmittance measurements can be used to protect plant treatment processes from high organic loads.
Analysis range of 2 mm probe is 0 - 1500 m-1. Use for the following applications: protection of treatment plants from industrial dischargers, monitoring shock loads from internal plant processes, control of activated sludge processes, control methanol feed in BNR based on organic loading, final effluent monitoring and monitoring efficiency of UV disinfection processes.

測試方法 : UV absorption measurement (unique 2-beam technique)
SAC 254 in accordance with DIN 38404 C3

量測範圍 Range : 0 - 1500 1/m

- Continuous, Automatic Early Warning Systems 連續、自動預警系統
- Control Activated Sludge Processes 控制活性污泥過程
- Self-cleaning Wiper System 自清潔系統
- Monitor Efficiency of UV Disinfection Process 監測紫外線消毒過程的效率
- Self Diagnostics and Easy Maintenance 自我診斷和方便維護

須搭配Hach SC系列Controllers 控制器使用
Continuous, Automatic Early Warning Systems
Use the Hach UVAS plus sc UV Absorbance/Transmittance Sensor to continuously protect plant treatment processes from high influent organic loads. Operators can use the continuous readings of UV absorbance or transmission to watch for sudden changes in organic load that would require alternate treatment procedures.
Control Activated Sludge Processes
Activated sludge processes require precise balancing of organic load, aeration, and nutrients. Continuous trending of the organics in the system with the UVAS plus sc sensor can help operators know how to balance other factors resulting in cost and time savings.
Self-cleaning Wiper System
With the UVAS plus sc sensor submerged in the sample stream, the detector windows are automatically cleaned by a built-in wiper that eliminates surface films or particles that can diminish accuracy.
Monitor Efficiency of UV Disinfection Process
UV light transmittance (UVT) is critical in the delivery of dose in a UV reactor. The delivered dose is determined by, among other things, the UVT of the source water, the intensity of the UV lamps, and the flow rate of the water source. UVT can be affected by many factors, from a simple change in the seasons to storm events. Potential changes in UVT should be considered in a UV disinfection system for optimized dose delivery. Hach's UVAS plus sc is designed to provide continuous UVT measurement of pre-disinfected source water. Operational costs related to sampling for UVT may be reduced with continuous online measurement. Data can immediately be incorporated into the operation in real time.
Self Diagnostics and Easy Maintenance
Diagnostic routines built into the UVAS plus sc sensor reduce the need for extensive calibration and maintenance. Only semi-yearly inspection and replacement of the wiper and seals is needed.