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水中導電度分析電極(堅固型) Intellical™ CDC401 Field 4-Poles Graphite Conductivity Cell, 10 m Cable
Intellical™CDC401是具有溫度傳感器的數位石墨四極電導度電極。 採用不銹鋼主體製造,IP68等級,便於戶外現場環境下使用,並連接牢固的黃色電纜,有5、10、15 或 30 公尺電纜可選擇。 CDC401 堅固型導電度分析電極是測量各種外部環境,例如河流、地表水和地下水、池塘、湖泊、海洋、廢水處理廠、原水、飲用水中的電導率、鹽度、電阻率或總溶解固體的理想選擇。

Intellical™ CDC401 is a digital, graphite, 4-pole conductivity cell with a temperature sensor. This Rugged CDC401 version is built with a stainless steel body ensuring sufficient weight to the probe for an easy outside handling, the sensing part is protected by a shroud, and the connection is ensured by strong and visible yellow coloured cable onto which you can clip depth markers (optional accessories), making the CDC401 rugged models specially designed for field use. CDC401 Rugged is available with a 5, 10, 15, or 30 meters cable. The CDC401 Rugged is ideal for measuring electrical conductivity, salinity, resistivity, or total dissolved solids (TDS) in all types of external environment such as river, surface and ground waters, ponds, lakes, sea, wastewater plant, source water, drinking water reservoir for water quality, environmental and treatment process purposes.

測試量程: 0.0 µS/cm to 200 mS/cm
Conductivity: 0.0 µS/cm - 200 mS/cm
TDS: 0.00 mg/L - 50.0 g/L as NaCl
Salinity: 0 - 42 ppt or ‰
Resistivity: 2.5 Ωcm - 49 MΩcm
Conductivity Method Range Reagent Set(s) USEPA Compliant?
  8160 Direct Measurement Method 0.01 - 200,000 µS/cm View Y
Intellical™ Rugged digital probes can reliably measure conductivity in the harshest environmental conditions
Stainless steel body, polymer sensor shroud, and reinforced, steel-sheathed cables protect the probe for measurement anywhere in the field.
Intellical™ digital probes provide ultimate traceability in measurement history
Stored time and date stamp for each measurement, operator and sample ID, calibration history, parameter, and probe serial number
Intellical™ CDC401 digital conductivity probes alert the user when re-calibration is needed
No guesswork needed to provide the most reliable and accurate results with each measurement.
Intellical™ CDC401 digital conductivity probes can be moved between meters without the need to re-calibrate or re-enter measurement settings
Ideal for a multi-user environment with multiple HQD series Laboratory and Portable meters.
Intellical™ CDC401 rugged digital conductivity probes are waterproof up to 30 meters for 24 hours (IP68 rating)
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