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首頁 儀器與試劑 線上自動監測儀 硼分析 水中硼線上自動分析儀 EZ1004 Boron B(III) Analyzer, 1 stream, Modbus RS485
水中硼線上自動分析儀 EZ1004 Boron B(III) Analyzer, 1 stream, Modbus RS485
Online colorimetric analysis of dissolved Boron in water
典型應用環境 : 海水淡化, 飲用水, 地表水
Typical applications are desalination, drinking water, surface water.

The EZ1004 Analyzers use colorimetric analysis to measure Boron.
Standard measuring range: 0 - 500 µg/L B(III)

- Calibration to 10%, 25% or 50% of standard range
- Internal dilution
- Multiple stream analysis (1-8 streams) reducing cost per sampling point
- Analog and/or digital outputs for communication

Some applications may require the use of a sampling/filtration or a external dilution system for sample preconditioning. For this option please check the EZ Series Sample Preconditioning page.

關鍵字 : 硼離子 Boron 線上監測儀, 廢水 硼 連續監測, 廢水 硼離子 自動監測
EZ1000 Boron Analyzers achieve excellent precision and accuracy. At the heart of the colorimeter there is a compact photometer assembly developed especially for the EZ Series. Consumption of reagents is reduced by low volume analysis, yet high sensitivity is assured by a long optical path length. The limit of detection is in the low µg/L range. 
Results you can rely on
Smart automatic features for calibration, validation, priming and cleaning are embedded in the controller software and contribute to analytical performance, maximized uptime and negligible operator invervention. Precision micropumps dose all reagents. Sample lines and analysis vessel are cleaned with demineralized water to eliminate cross contamination between samples. Electronic and wet-chemical part of the analyzer are strictly separated. A transparent door allows for instant visual inspection of the wet part. 
Flexibility that meets your needs
EZ Series Boron Analyzers come in an attractive, ergonomic mainframe with a compact footprint. All hardware is controlled by the integrated industrial panel PC. The modular build allows for the analyzer to match your application and operational needs. 
- The standard measuring range can be narrowed by a different calibration range or extended via internal dilution options. 
- Analog and digital output options
- Multiple stream analysis for up to 8 sample streams
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