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線上水硬度監測儀SP510 Hardness Analyzer with Reagents

Maximize your softener cycle time and minimize your regeneration cost. Immediately signal hardness breakthrough to activate regeneration. Makes your water softening system more efficient and less costly. Reliable, simple and accurate- with automated calibration. Continuous monitoring in "real time".

- “即時”連續監測,測量週期2分鐘
- 硬度過高時,系統發出報警信號,同時啟動再生
- 有效提升水質軟化系統效能
- 低維護工作量 : 每6 個月更換一次泵管
- 自動校正功能
- 性價比高,適合系統閉路反控

關鍵字 : 水硬度監測, 水硬度測定, 水硬度分析
Continuous Hardness Detection
The Hach SP 510 Hardness Monitor continuously monitors water systems to provide an alarm when total hardness exceeds a pre-set limit (eight alarms are available). By performing an analysis every two minutes, the SP 510 monitor can establish an automatic or semi-automatic system for water softener regeneration in a variety of commercial or industrial applications.
Simple to Read and Use
The SP 510 monitor detects hardness breakthrough when the capacity of a water softener is exhausted, immediately signaling the need for regeneration. Alarm points are 0.3, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 ppm (expressed as mg/L of CaCO3) and are selected by using the appropriate model. LED indicators show a simple HARD or SOFT sample status. Use the monitor's built-in alarm relay to actuate an external annunciator.
Rugged, lightweight, and self-contained
The case of the SP 510 monitor is made of ABS plastic which is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and shatterproof. This sealed case is IP62-rated and has a hinged door that for easy access to internal components. All electronic circuits are isolated from the hydraulics compartment. A large window allows inspection of both LED indicators and reagent supplies at a glance. Wall-mounting is easy with built-in brackets. The instrument is rated for 115/220 Vac, 50/60 Hz operation, with a switch for voltage selection.
Making Water Softening Systems Cost-efficient
The traditional method of determining softener regeneration cycles is based on calculation of the water volume that can pass through a softener before its capacity is exhausted. Many variables (temperature, flow rate, and condition of the exchange resin) can affect the accuracy of these calculations. A substantial safety margin is also generally included, which can result in waste of time and brine used for regeneration. The Hach SP 510 monitor can eliminate this guesswork. The softener is regenerated only when needed, based on accurate chemical analysis rather than estimated volume.
Low Maintenance Requirements
The SP 510 monitor is designed for continuous, unattended use. It is virtually maintenance-free, requiring only about 15 minutes every two months to replenish and standardize the reagents. Tubing in the pump system should be replaced at six-month intervals. Spare pump tubing is supplied with the monitor.
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