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水中總磷試劑 Phosphorus (Total) TNT Reagent Set, Low Range
For determination of Total Phosphorus by the PhosVer® 3 Ascorbic Acid method with Acid Persulfate Digestion. EPA Compliant

Hach Method 8190.
Range: 0.06 - 3.50 mg/L PO4.

Test 'N Tube™ Reagent Set contains reagents for sample digestion and photometric analyses. Up to 50 tests.

關鍵字 : 總磷預製試劑, 總磷檢測試劑
Phosphorus Method Range Instr, Test Kit, etc USEPA Compliant?
  8190 Digestion Test 'N Tube™ 0.06 - 3.50 mg/L PO   Y
  8190 DR800 Digestion Test 'N Tube 0.00 - 3.50 mg/L PO4 3-   Y
Test 'N Tube products provide safe, convenient testing
Capped 16-mm vials provide a self-contained package for mixing and measurement.
Easy ordering
All necessary reagents and vials are contained in the package.
Perform digestions and photometric measurements in the same vial.
Save time, space and effort.
Application Notes
Language Size Date Edition
Complete Water Analysis for the Food Industry 
English US 1 MB 2016-03 Rev 2
Datasheets/Brochures Language Size Date Edition
Datasheet: Hach Methods Quick Reference Guide 
English US 257 KB 2019-05 May19
Industry Guide: Where, Why, What and How to Analyse 
English US 259 KB 2016-03 Feb16
Parameter Specific Sample Preparation 
English US 50 KB 2018-07 Apr17
Methods/Procedures Language Size Date Edition
Phosphorus, Total, Acid Persulfate Digestion, Method 8190, DR/800, PhosVer 3 Test 'N Tube
DR/800 Method 8190
English US 97 KB 2009-02 Ed 9
Phosphorus, Total-PhosVer® with Acid Persulfate Digestion Method 8190, Test 'N Tube™ Vials 
English US 325 KB 2017-06 Ed 10

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