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攜帶式水質檢測組 Potable Water Test Kits
Hach potable water labs provide all equipment necessary for microbiological testing of Total Coliforms and E. coli using P/A methods, including Hach's portable incubator.

The kits also include apparatus and reagents for testing 8 key water quality parameters, along with a DR 900 multiparameter handheld colorimeter and pH & TDS Pocket Pro testers. Microbiological media has to be ordered separately.
251242 MEL Potable Water Laboratory
2691200 Replacement Apparatus Set, MEL Potable Water Laboratory

MEL Potable Water Laboratory includes: DR 900 Colorimeter, Pocket TDS and pH Testers, Portable Incubator, Portable UV Lamp, media and apparatus for testing E. coli and total coliforms, plus 8 common water quality tests.

  • DR 900 Colorimeter with reagents to monitor 8 parameters
  • 90 additional parameters available on DR 900 Colorimeter; order reagents separately
  • Consumables and P/A media included
  • Portable incubator used to determine total and fecal coliforms directly in the field

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