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水中硼檢測試劑-高量程 Boron High Range Starter Set
Starter Set for determination of high range boron by the Carmine method.

Hach Method 10252. 2 - 50 mg/L Boron

Set contains BoroVer 3 Reagent Powder Pillows, Sulfuric Acid, Deionized Water, plus an Erlenmeyer flask, 25 reaction tubes and a cooling rack.
Colorimetric method for the determination of Boron.
Boron 硼 Method Range Reagent Set(s) USEPA Compliant?
  10252 Carmine Method Powder Pillows 2 - 50 mg/L B View  
  10252 DR800 0 - 50 mg/L View
型錄 Type Language Size Date Edition
CEL Hydraulic Fracturing Water Analysis Laboratory 
  English US 999 KB 2014-03 Ed 3
測試方法/程序 Type Language Size Date Edition
Boron, 0-50 mg/L, Method 10252, for Oil and Gas Field Waters-Carmine Method 
DOC316.53.01309. From the Hydraulic Fracturing Water Analysis Handbook.
  English US 114 KB 2011-12 Edition 1
Iron-related Bacteria, IRB-BART™ Test, Visual Determination Method. For determination of iron-related bacteria in brine solutions, produced waters and hydraulic fracturing waters. 
  English US 375 KB 2015-01 Ed 2

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