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多參數高量程廢水檢測標準液 Mixed-Parameter Standard, NIST, Wastewater, High Range
Mixed-Parameter quality control standard for wastewater parameters, high range.

Components of the standard solution are traceable to SRM from NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology美國國家標準技術協會)

Applicable for TNTplus vial tests
- TNT822 COD, 20-1500 mg/L O2
- TNT825 Hg-free COD, 25-1000 mg/L O2
- TNT832 氨 Ammonia, 2-47 mg/L NH3-N
- TNT828 總氮 Total Nitrogen, 20-100 mg/L TN
- TNT836 硝酸鹽 Nitrate, 5-35 mg/L NO3-N
- TNT845 磷酸鹽 Phosphate, 2-20 mg/L PO4-P
- TNT811 總有機碳 TOC, 30-300 mg/L C
Confidence in your results
Continuous documentation of Analytical Quality Assurance measures using the Mixed Parameter Standards substantiates the correctness of your water testing results.
Less complexity
Each Mixed Parameter Standard solution contains several parameters. This reduces the number of bottles with single parameter standards in your lab significantly.
Less error sources
The Mixed Parameter Standard solutions are ready-to use with Hach’s TNTplus vial tests. Since there is no dilution needed this allows less hands-on-time and eliminates an additional error source when analysing standard solutions.


Platform :LCA
Shelf Life:18 months from production date
Storage Conditions:2 to 8 °C (keep refrigerated)