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水中微生物測試組 ATP Test Kits
Hach proudly carries LuminUltra's complete line of ATP testing solutions. The LuminUltra product line is comprised of luminometer instruments (PhotonMaster and PhotonMaster w/BTM bundle), 2nd Generation ATP Test Kits (Quench-Gone Aqueous, etc.), and LumiCalc collaboration and analysis software.

Test kits are available for a variety of applications, including drinking water, organics, oil & gas, nitrification, wastewater, and industrial.

In addition to instruments and test kits, Hach carries individual reagents, replacement kit components and consumables, and luminometer cleaning and maintenance items.
型號 Part Number
DIS-SFQG-25 QGA Syringe Filters, Bag of 25
LU-3ML-FD 3mL Luminase
QGA-100C Quench-Gone™ Aqueous Test Kit, 100 Tests
DIS-CT12-50 12x55mm Test Tubes (50)
ULU-9ML-50R UltraLute 9mL Dilution Tube 50/Rack
UL7-125ML UltraLyse 7 125mL Bottle
UC1-5ML UltraCheck 1 5mL Bottle
UL7-5ML-25R UltraLyse7 5mL Extraction Tube 25/Rack
QGOM-100C Quench-Gone™ Organic Modified Test Kit, 100 Tests
DSA-25C Deposit & Surface Analysis Test Kit, 25 Tests
LUW-3ML-FD 3mL LuminaseW
LC-250ML LumiClean, 250mL Bottle
QGA-25C Quench-Gone™ Aqueous Test Kit, 25 Tests
QGA-100 Quench-Gone™ Aqueous Test Kit (reagents only), 100 Tests
EQP-PBM-PAC LuminUltra Photonmaster Luminometer with PBM
QG21W-50C QuenchGone21™ Wastewater Test Kit, 50 Tests
LMK-5 LuminUltra Luminometer Maintenance Kit
QG21WA-25C QuenchGone21™ Advanced Wastewater Test Kit, 25 Tests
EQP-PBM-UPGB PBM Upgrade for LuminUltra PhotonMaster luminometer (Basic Upgrade)
LUXL-3ML-FD 3mL LuminaseXL
LS-10ML-50R LumiSolve 10mL Stabilizer Tube 50/Rack
ULUR-8ML-50R UltraLute Resin 8mL Dilution Tube 50/Rack
LS-9ML-50R LumiSolve 9mL Stabilizer Tube 50/Rack
QG21ST-100C QuenchGone21™ Specialty Test Kit, 100 Tests
QG21IT-100C QuenchGone21™ Industrial Test Kit, 100 Tests
EQP-PBM-UPGF PBM Upgrade for LuminUltra PhotonMaster luminometer (Full Upgrade)
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