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廢污水檢測基礎實驗室組 CEL Basic Wastewater Lab
Offering broad analytical capabilities to meed the needs for basic wastewater analysis, the CEL Basic Wastewater Laboratory provides accurate results, wherever you need them.

包括: DR900比色計, pH計, 檢測試劑

*On-site Results in an Easy-to-Use, Rugged, Portable Lab
*Durable Hard-sided Cases
*Versatile for Lab or Field Use
*Real-time Decisions
*Reliable Results
On-site Results in an Easy-to-Use, Rugged, Portable Lab
The portable lab contains durable instruments, premeasured reagents impervious to environmental contamination, apparatus and labware.
Durable Hard-sided Cases
The field kit is rugged and designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions.
Versatile for Lab or Field Use
Instruments have battery power option so tests can be run immediately without concern for sample preservation and handling.
Real-time Decisions
In the field, rapid testing and decision making are essential. With this kit, there is no waiting for hours or days for a lab result.
Reliable Results
Whether used in your mobile lab or at the field site, this kit yields consistent results time after time.
What's in the box?
The Basic Wastewater Lab includes DR 900 Colorimeter, Pocket pH tester, reagent sets, apparatus, illustrated instrument manual and procedure manual CD in a sturdy field case.
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