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水中氯離子電極 Intellical™ ISECL181 Chloride (Cl-) Ion Selective Electrode (ISE)

Intellical™ ISECL181 is a digital, combination, Chloride ion selective electrode (ISE) with a with a non-refillable gel driTEK reference with a double junction, ceramic porous pin and porous PTFE annular ring, and built-in temperature sensor.

The electrode measures Chloride concentration in water samples.

The laboratory version of this ISE is shockproof with its Epoxy plastic body.The Intellical ISECL181 probe is available with a 1 or 3 meter cable and is intended for laboratory use.

The ISECL181’s solid-state sensor design eliminates membrane replacement and allows for dry storage of the ISE.
The ISECL181 is ideal for measuring chloride concentrations in wastewater, drinking water and general water quality applications.
Requires virtually no maintenance
The solid-state sensor design allows for DRY storage of the ISE without a shelf life. Also, the probe does not require the electrolyte to be refilled or membrane replacement.
Fast, stable, and accurate results
Intellical digital probes lock on the result when the measurement is stable, removing the guesswork in having a moving number. Additionally, the probe’s large annular reference junction provides maximum surface area between sample and reference electrolyte for fast measurement stability.
Ultimate traceability in measurement history
Stored time and date stamp for each measurement, operator and sample ID, calibration history, parameter, and probe serial number
Can be moved between meters without the need to re-calibrate or re-enter measurement settings
Ideal for a multi-user environment with multiple HQD series Laboratory and Portable meters
Chloride Method Range Reagent Set(s) USEPA Compliant?
  10255 Direct Measurement Powder Pillow ISA 3.55 - 35 g/L Cl- View  
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Simplified High Range Chloride Measurement in Hydraulic Fracturing Applications Using Hach IntelliCAL™ Chloride ISE 
Copyright 2011 by PennWell Corporation
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Manuals Type Language Size Date Edition
ISECL181 Probe Basic User Manual- Multiple Languages 
  English US, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai 831 KB 2013-05 Ed 4
User Manual Chloride Probe Models: ISECl18101 or ISECl18103 
  English US 345 KB 2013-05 Ed 4
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Application: Determination of Chloride in alcohols using an ISE (APP-ECH-0022) 
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