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Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Reagent Set, LR
For determination of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) by the Low Range Test 'N Tube™ method.

Hach Method 10129.

Range: 0.3 - 20.0 mg/L C

Set includes digestion vials and reagents for 25-50 tests (dependent upon the number of reagent blank tests performed).

Requires digestion.

關鍵字 : 實驗室 TOC 分析 化學品, 水 TOC 分析試劑, 水 TOC 預製試劑
Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Method Range Instr, Test Kit, etc USEPA Compliant?
  10129 DR800, LR Direct 0.0 - 20.0 mg/L C    
  10129 LR, Test 'N Tube Direct 0.3 - 20.0 mg/L C    
The Hach TOC method requires only a fraction of the investment and operational costs of a conventional TOC analyzer.
Easy to use
Only minimal training is required to perform the method.
The Hach TOC method correlates well to regulatory-approved instrumental methods on natural waters, drinking water, and wastewater samples.
Prepared reagents are contained in screw-capped vials to reduce laboratory waste and associated disposal problems.
Brochures Language Size Date Edition
Parameter Specific Sample Preparation
English US 50 KB 2018-07 Apr17
Data Sheets Language Size Date Edition
Datasheet: Hach Methods Quick Reference Guide
English US 183 KB 2020-01 Jan20
Methods/Procedures Language Size Date Edition
Organic Carbon, Total (TOC) LR Direct Method 10129, Test 'N Tube
English US 293 KB 2014-01 Ed 9

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