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應用實績>COVID-19 Testing in Wastewater 廢污水自動採水樣系統於美國之應用案例
COVID-19 Testing in Wastewater
COVID-19 Testing Strategy
The Challenge
Community spread of COVID-19 is difficult to control because symptoms can take up to 2 weeks to appear after contracting the virus. Making this even more challenging is the fact that many cases remain asymptomatic. As a complement to existing testing processes, communities, including universities, are searching for a more proactive approach to identify trends for early infection. Since individual testing is not a viable option, communities, including universities, are searching for a more proactive approach to identify trends for early infection.  
COVID-19 在社區的傳播很難控制,因為感染病毒後最多可能需要2週才能出現症狀。 而挑戰度更高的事實在於許多病例是無症狀的。 由於大型社區的單一個人測試不一定是隨時隨刻可行的選擇,包括大學在內的社區群,都正在尋找更主動的方法作為一個既有測試過程的補充選項,以期辨別出早期感染的趨勢。
Wastewater Monitoring
  • Testing COVID in wastewater has shown to be an effective tool for pro-actively minimizing community spread. 檢測廢污水中是否含有COVID病毒已顯示為主動減少社區擴散的一項有效工具。
  • COVID has been detected in stool days before symptoms arise.在感染者尚未出現症狀前,其數天前的糞便中已能檢測到COVID病毒。
  • Universities and municipalities are beginning to embrace this approach to identify hot spots within the community. 大學院校和縣市當局開始採用這種檢測方式來確定社區內的熱點。

Testing wastewater on University of Virgina grounds to detect coronavirus.  (Source: Dr. Amy Mathers)
  • Multiple success stories have been documented where wastewater surveillance in dorms, followed by individual COVID testing, has led to early detection and containment.  記錄多個成功案例,其中包括在監測宿舍的廢污水之後,接著透過單一個人COVID檢測,而達到了早期發現和控制。
  • University of Arizona, University of Virginia, Utah State University, and University of Colorado were among the first to utilize COVID trends within the wastewater and take action to minimize community spread within dorms and throughout campus. 亞利桑那大學,維吉尼亞大學,猶他州立大學和科羅拉多大學是最早利用檢測廢水中的COVID病毒趨勢並採取行動以大幅減少社區傳播(宿舍內以及整個校園內)的機構之一。
Cost-Effective, Scalable Solution
  • Monitoring wastewater has helped identify COVID early  監測廢污水有助於及早發現COVID病毒
  • Early virus stool shedding + efficient sample collection + rapid test method allows tracking changes in days vs. weeks  早期的病毒糞便+有效的樣品收集+快速檢測方法可以追踪幾天和幾週內的變化
  • Includes information from asymptomatic and symptomatic individuals 包括無症狀和有症狀的個人有關資訊
  • Approximately 75-80% of US population connected to sewer system 約有75-80%的美國人口的污水連接到下水道系統
  • Provides actionable insights that complement existing COVID management strategies  提供更多的檢測資訊,可對現有的COVID管理策略補充資訊 
  • Cost effective and scalable at the community level compared to relying exclusively on individual testing  相較於僅仰賴單一個人測試,對於社區層面來說,具有成本效益且可擴展的好處
  • Allows targeting of high-risk locations:  Universities/Dorms  Public Schools  Prisons  Nursing Homes  能夠針對高風險地點進行:大學/宿舍; 公立學校; 監獄; 安養院
The Foundation for Your COVID Wastewater Monitoring Program
Representative samples are key to an effective COVID wastewater monitoring program. Hach® compact portable samplers enable automated composite wastewater sample collection and can be deployed throughout communities; helping to prevent an outbreak when combined with laboratory testing.  代表性樣品是有效的COVID廢水監測計劃的關鍵。 Hach®精密型攜帶式採水樣器可達到自動化採集複合廢污水樣品,並可佈署於整個社區中; 結合實驗室的測試有助於防止疾病爆發的機會。
  • Intuitive interface with a large full color display makes setup and installation easy—preventing errors 具有大尺寸彩色顯示螢幕的直覺式操作界面,設定和安裝容易 - 防止錯誤
  • Rugged and reliable pump minimizes maintenance requirements 堅固耐用的泵讓維護需求降至最低
  • Compact base for smaller manhole applications 精實型的底座設計,適用於小的人孔應用環境
Kirby, A., & Mattioli, M. (2020, July 8). COVID-19 Sewage Surveillance [Webinar]. CDC